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A Greater Workout

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts’ Adult program offers a greater workout than going to the gym. Not only will it provide you with the physical fitness you are looking for, but it will also be a unique experience the gym cannot provide. Moreover, you will perform more exciting exercises than just push-ups and sit-ups. Kicks, strikes, and sparring are mixed with the latest physical fitness techniques for an effective workout routine.

The Foundation

Taekwondo is the foundation of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts’ programs. We have incorporated the many types of kicks and strikes of Taekwondo with modern exercises. This way, you get an intense and effective workout. Other martial arts primarily utilize the fists, but Taekwondo heavily focuses on the feet. Here at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we believe you should work with both when advancing your physical fitness. For that reason, our instructors will teach you front kicks, side kicks, jabs, and more.

Physical and Mental Advances

The skills and benefits you will pick up from our adult program are profound. Martial art training encompasses a distinct set of skills that cannot be obtained at the gym. Once you start regularly attending martial arts classes, you will experience greater focus, less stress, and improved confidence. These skills and improvements will help you experience the world with more joy. Of course, these benefits do not include the physical aspect. Your body will become more agile, flexible, and stronger too.

Self-Defense Training

You will learn so much more than exercise routines, kicks, and strikes. Our martial arts classes also include counter aggression and self-defense training. Since the groundwork of our organization is based on Taekwondo, we believe self-defense is an essential skill to learn. We teach our younger students to only use their martial arts skills when defending themselves or others. This mentality translates to the adult program at a more advanced level. Learn to defend yourself when you need it the most. Instructors teach you various strikes, kicks, and counter moves to protect yourself and potentially others.

Physical Fitness

The physical fitness you will experience at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is more rounded out than your typical gym routine. You will become more flexible, have greater muscle tone, increase your agility, and even boost your cardiovascular health.

Competitive Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to participate in competitions at the local, state, and national levels. Some of our instructors even take part in various competitive levels. These opportunities are available throughout the year.

Social and Fun Atmosphere

There is no need for you to be nervous or be hesitant about choosing Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. We have cultivated a fun and social experience for all students. Choose Tiger-Rock for a fun learning experience and to create new relationships.

Here's what you get with a Tiger-Rock membership

  1. You can train any where in the USA! Don’t want to miss a step while you’re out of town? Train at any of our locations nationwide!
  2. Compete at our tournaments! Got a competitive spirit? We love competition! Tiger-Rock Martial Arts holds three tournaments per year at the local, state, and national level!
  3. The perfect training environment. The Tiger-Rock Leander staff offers a safe, clean, convenient environment for your martial arts training.
  4. Nationally certified instructors! Every year, Tiger-Rock instructors go through rigorous examinations to maintain their accreditation.