Adult Martial Arts Classes in Frisco TX

Are you looking for an activity to change your life? You should consider taking adult martial arts classes at Tiger-Rock in Frisco TX! With two great locations here in Frisco, you’re never more than 20 minutes away from one of our academies!

Our adult Frisco martial arts classes are open to students ages 16 and older. We have professionals, college students, and high school juniors and seniors enrolled in our program. Students are making the choice to become more fit, focused, and driven with Tiger-Rock Martial Arts training.

Visit one of our Frisco TX locations today to find out how Tiger-Rock Martial Arts classes can change your life.

What is it like to take an adult martial arts class in Frisco TX?

  • Our adult martial arts classes feature kicking drills, striking drills, and sparring drills. In addition, we include martial arts exercises to help with your strength and conditioning.
  • Tiger-Rock Martial Arts classes combine the ancient traditions of Korean martial arts with the latest developments in physical fitness. All the muscles in your body get used, thus allowing you to get a total body workout.
  • Classes are held during the evening time during the week and on Saturday mornings. We also offer a lunchtime class on Tuesdays at the Legacy Drive location and on Thursdays at the Main Street location.
  • You’ll get to take classes with like-minded peers that aim to boost their physical fitness and sharpen their mental keenness with martial arts training.
  • Our classes are 45 minutes of action packed fun!

Three big reasons why to start martial arts training!

Become fit.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts’ classes will help you become more physically fit. You will strengthen your core muscles and improve your cardiovascular health.

Become focused.

Our classes help with your mental focus. The concentration and goal-oriented life skills you gain in taking our classes will be applicable to your personal and professional life.

Become confident.

As you advance in your Tiger-Rock Martial Arts training, you will boost your self-confidence and self-concept.

Start your adult martial arts class today!

Start training in an Adult Martial Arts Class today with Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. Use the form below to get pricing and schedule information from either one of our locations in Frisco!