Kids Martial Arts Classes in Frisco TX

Tiger-Rock School of Martial Arts in Frisco offers kids martial arts classes that are fun and exciting! With programs available for students ages 4 to 15, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has a program that’s perfect for your preschool, elementary, middle, and high school student.

We offer three martial arts programs for kids in the Frisco area: the Tiger-Cubs Program for preschool and kindergarten students (ages 4 and 5), the Junior Program for elementary students (ages 6-11), and the Teen Program for middle school and high school students (ages 12-15). Each program offers a unique curriculum that is age-appropriate based upon their stage of physical and mental development.

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes

Tiger-Cubs (ages 4 and 5)

Tiger-Cub students at Tiger-Rock School of Martial Arts in Frisco learn the basic of martial arts training, including symmetrical movements and patterns designed to improve motor skills and balance. Our classes for this age group help develop focus and discipline. Classes for this age group run for 30 minutes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons.

Juniors (ages 6-11)

Tiger-Rock Frisco Junior students take part in full-participation martial arts classes designed for elementary school students. Students participate in kicking and striking drills, as well as self-defense and anti-bullying exercises. In this program, we teach the importance of good citizenship, stranger awareness, and self-confidence. Students in this age group are encouraged to attend class at least two times a week.

Teens (ages 12-15)

We structure our Teen Program to reflect the challenges that kids in this age group face in middle and high school. In addition to kicking and striking exercises, we push physical fitness, self-defense, and anti-bullying education. Moreover, we instill values of courtesy, responsibility, and leadership. A perfect complement to other activities your teen may have, we schedule our teen classes in the early evening hours.

Why our kids martial arts classes are right for your child

There are five major benefits to enrolling your child into kids martial arts classes at either of our Tiger-Rock School of Martial Arts Frisco locations. These benefits include:

  • Improved physical fitness. Our kids martial arts programs integrate Korean martial arts traditions with the latest developments in physical fitness. Experts often encourage parents to keep their kids active! We can’t think of a better way to stay active than a kids’ martial arts class in Frisco TX!
  • Focus and discipline. Focus, discipline, and awareness of surroundings are key elements of our kids martial arts instruction. In fact, our kicking, striking, and self-defense drills require sharp mental focus. As such, your child will have a greater focus and discipline, not only on the mat but also at home and in school.
  • Self-confidence. Building self-confidence is important for any child. Because we offer a structured, positive learning environment, we’re able to help kids of all ages build self-confidence and a positive self-concept.
  • A great environment. Students at Tiger-Rock School of Martial Arts are grouped together with like-minded peers in similar age groups. They will build friendships, as well as learn important concepts such as courtesy and respect for each other, their elders, and their community.
  • A great activity. With classes held throughout the week (except Sundays), our kids martial arts classes prove to be a great after-school and/or weekend activity for kids of all ages.