• Austin TX kids karate near me
    Austin TX kids karate near me
  • Austin TX kids karate near me
    Instill great values with our martial arts programs.

Get in the Game

At Tiger-Rock we believe that the purpose of our training is to compete, defend, and advance. Through regular participation we can accelerate development of our martial arts skills, protect ourselves, and achieve recognition. Together through consistent training and our event experiences we achieve our goals and are recognized for achievement, effort, and contribution.

Competition is a part of our lives every day. Whether for a better job, grades in school, or a closer parking spot at the grocery store; we are constantly competing. Tiger Rock students test their skills and performance by competing in three events annually. We accelerate our skill development and earn the opportunity to distinguish ourselves.

Defense and Personal Protection are an integral part of every training session. From day one new students will learn how to empower their voice and escape from dangerous situation. As a student’s skills and self-confidence develop and improve they will learn how to avoid these situations and protect themselves should a physical situation arise.

The culmination of a Tiger Rock Students training is the opportunity for advancement and the Champions ceremony. Students are throughouly tested on their physical skill, knowledge, and performance resulting in rank Advancement.
Students who achieve their advancement are recognized by their Instructors at the Champions Ceremony.

Oak Hill, Texas Martial Arts

Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts in the world. This Korean martial art has grown in popularity since its introduction to the states after World War II. Since then, the martial art has grown into a popular hobby and lifestyle for many. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts incorporates martial arts with twenty-first-century exercises. This unique combination creates a fun and effective fitness experience. You can expect an intense workout featuring kicks, strikes, and other core exercises. Obtain more flexibility, stronger muscles, and greater cardiovascular health with martial arts.

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Meet Our Certified Instructor Team

The instructors at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts genuinely care about your progress and experience. Our instructors help students feel comfortable, provide feedback, and answer questions. When you meet your instructor, you will notice they are friendly, knowledgable, and professional. Most of our instructors train year-round, and they are all certified.

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Reasons for Choosing Tiger-Rock

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts offers a unique experience for students of all ages. Our instructors, atmosphere, and flexible scheduling make us a perfect choice for martial arts training.

Certified Instructors

Our instructors seek recertification every year. Our instructors want to see you reach the goals you have set for yourself. At the same time, they will help you become more fit, happier, and have a sharper mind.

Social and Engaging Atmosphere

Unlike other exercising trends, martial arts are not a solitary experience. You will have the opportunity to help other students, receive feedback from the instructor, and spar with others. With so many social interactions, your experience is engaging and dynamic than just lifting weights at the gym.

Flexible Scheduling

If you have work or school, then we can work with you to find the best time for a martial arts class. We offer classes in the evenings and on the weekends, so you can continue your training.

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Our Programs

The programs at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts are designed to benefit the students and provide skills they can use throughout their lives. Our programs are divided up by age, so we have a program for all ages.

Martial Arts for ADULTS

When you enroll in the Adults program, you can expect improved physical fitness, better flexibility, self-defense training, increased cardiovascular health, greater focus, higher self-esteem, reduced stress, and more.

Martial Arts Program for TEENS

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts can help shape your teenage child. These years are some of the most vital when it comes to learning, so we train students on competition, leadership, responsibility, and character.

AWESOME Kid’s Program

Your child will have improved balance and coordination after completing the Kids program. Students within this program are also educated on essential skills like anti-bullying and stranger awareness methods.

A world-class martial arts academy serving Oak Hill and Southwest Austin

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts feature a staff of annually certified instructors dedicated to your transformation. With their instruction, you will experience a physical and mental boost. Martial arts training can help you become fitter and more focused. You will achieve new levels of physical fitness. You will enhance your mental keenness.

Our R15E Program is our initiative to help new martial arts students reach their goal from transforming from a white belt to a black belt. This program will not only help you become a champion on the mat, but also a champion in life. This program is very challenging, but also very rewarding. You will amaze yourself with what you will accomplish as you advance through our signature program.

Your neighborhood martial arts academy here in Oak Hill and Southwest Austin TX is the perfect place to complete your transformation. We provide a martial arts training experience that is unlike anything any other martial arts academy can offer. At Tiger-Rock’s martial arts self-defense classes in Oak Hill, you participate in an environment with talented instructors and like-minded peers. Our academy instills the value of personal achievement and competitive spirit.

Our Certified Taekwondo Instructors are active martial arts trainees. They learn the latest developments in taekwondo and physical fitness as an evolutionary process. They pass on those lessons to you the student, helping you become more effective in your self-defense and martial arts training!

Flexibility and Encouragement

  • Classes All Week

    We offer class times at various times throughout the week. Flexible scheduling is important because we understand how busy you are. Schedule a class in the evening or on Saturday.

  • Take Your Time

    You can take your time at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. Instructors encourage students to train at their own pace. Rushing students can impede progress and worsens the experience.

  • Dojos All Over the U.S.

    Do you have to leave town for a few days? No problem! Tiger-Rock members have access to all locations in the United States. Simply schedule a class at the nearest dojo.