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Join The Oak Hill TX, Teen Program

Tiger-Rock will provide your teen with a positive and rewarding atmosphere that will encourage personal growth. Here they will grow their mental, social, and emotional skills while also taking advantage of the leadership, advanced training, and competition opportunities.

Fun and Action-Packed Lessons

Here your teen will become a part of an inclusive and positive environment that fosters personal growth. Each lesson will teach them the life skills they need to overcome obstacles and the unique challenges they face in everyday life. These life skills will help them develop emotionally, mentally, and socially as they tackle leadership opportunities, competitions, and advanced training. Through practicing their skills, they will be ready for success both on and off the mat.

Social Engagement

If you were to join a gym, your workout experience would be relatively solitary. You would most likely keep to yourself as you lifted weights or ran on a treadmill. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts provides the workout you are looking for and the social engagement you need. The instructors and students at Tiger-Rock come from a variety of backgrounds so that you will learn so much more than martial arts. You also have opportunities to spar with other students, which creates a unique experience.

Learn Valuable Life-Skills and Self-Defense

When it comes to being a teenager, they are learning how to be independent and how to handle social situations. Help them navigate this stage of their life by enrolling them in Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. Here they will learn how to tackle their unique challenges through self-discipline, confidence, and de-escalation tactics. Also, they will learn how to protect themselves through real-world self-defense and anti-bullying techniques. These skills will help them socially, in their academics as well as assisting them in preparing for their life ahead.

Heightened Coordination

Through improving their motor skill and coordination, they will increase their confidence in their actions as well as increase their strength. Also, they will feel inspired to implement a healthier lifestyle and increase their physical activity.

Improve Their Self-Discipline

As your teen practices their self-discipline, they will learn the importance of completing tasks to reach their goal. This skill will aid them through everything from work to school to social life. Over time this skill will become a significant part of their daily life

Enhance Their Confidence

Through meeting goals and better physical fitness, they will feel more confident about themselves. By having increased confidence, they will have an easier time taking on challenges in their social life, school life, and work life.