Martial arts and self-defense classes in Tyler, TX

Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Tyler offers Taekwondo martial arts lessons, self-defense classes, and physical fitness training to kids and adults in the Tyler, TX area.

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Marital arts training

Our unique martial arts classes in Tyler combines Korean martial arts tradition of taekwondo with the latest advances in physical fitness and self defense. Together, these elements form a heartpounding workout that will help you become more fit, stronger, focused, and disciplined.

Classes for all ages

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts offers special curriculums for different age groups. By doing this, our Tyler martial arts classes, Taekwondo lessons, and self-defense training is right in sync with age-appropriate mental and physical development. Therefore, we offer martial arts lessons that maximize effectiveness based upon the student’s abilities.

We offer classes for pre-school and kindergarten students (Tiger-Cubs), elementary students (Juniors), middle and high school students (Teens), and adults.

Self-Defense Training

Many of our students take our Tyler martial arts taekwondo classes to better prepare themselves for the unexpected. We offer real-world self-defense lessons that will help protect yourself and your loved ones.

For our elementary, middle, and high-school-age students, we combine self-defense classes in Tyler with anti-bullying education to increase awareness.

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