Martial arts, life skills, and physical fitness.
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A New Dimension to Your Life

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts combines Taekwondo with the latest physical fitness. This signature combination gives students the tools to improve their minds and bodies. We also teach self-defense techniques and provide knowledge on countering aggression.

Striking and Kicking

Taekwondo primarily utilizes feet with the hands acting as backup. So, your time at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts will be learning and performing striking and kicking drills. These drills build upper and lower body strength. Core muscles will also become stronger, which boosts your stamina. Overall, cardiovascular health will greatly improve, hand-eye coordination is heightened, and your motor skills are better. These are all benefits of constant motion caused by striking and kicking drills.

An Engaging Social Experience

The experience you will have at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is unlike anything you will experience at a gym. Martial arts are social activities, which allow you to learn about people and develop friendships. The experience you will have at our dojo is unlike the gym in many ways. Firstly, you will perform strikes and kicks alongside others. You and other students are trying to achieve similar goals, so a community is born. Secondly, sparring is a common practice in our programs so you’ll have plenty of experience with other students. Finally, our students come from a variety of different backgrounds, so you will learn about where them. Subsequently, your life is enriched with what you have learned.

Self-Defense and Counter Aggression

This world is full of unexpected events. For that reason, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts wants to provide students with highly-applicable skills such as self-defense and counter aggression methods. At our Tyler location, you will learn how to block, strike, kick, and avoid a potential assault. These real-world problems can occur to anyone, and it is our goal to inform students as much as possible about them. These skills can be used to defend yourself or others.

Improve Your Core

The many different exercises you will perform within our program will help improve your core muscles. Physical fitness is beneficial because it helps improve the quality of your life and staves off disease.

Competition Year-Round

You have a chance to participate in competitions year-round. We encourage students to join completion at the local, state, and national levels. Sparring is one way we encourage students to participate in competitions.

Fun Learning

You will learn a number of different strikes, kicks, and values when enrolled in one of our programs. At the same time, you will have fun learning. Our instructors help lighten the mood as well.