Martial arts, life skills, and physical fitness.
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Become a Part of Our Tyler TX, Teen Program

Tiger-Rock will offer your teen multiple leadership, competition, and advanced training opportunities. These opportunities will help them grow their social, emotional, and mental skills as well as becoming physically fit. Have your teen become a part of a positive and rewarding environment today.

Join Our Action-Packed Program

At Tiger-Rock your teen will be a part of action-packed lessons that will encourage personal growth. These lessons will also help them to grow emotionally, mentally, and socially in a positive and inclusive environment. Here they will experience positive challenges that will prepare them for life’s challenges in school, work, and their personal life.

Drills and Sparring

Kicking and striking drills are an important part of our Teen program. These drills will help your teen improve their physical ability and motor skills. As their skills increase they will be driven towards a healthier lifestyle and their confidence will increase as they accomplish their goals. They will also improve their coordination, timing, and endurance.

Self-Defense and Life-Skills

Growing up can be a challenge; this is why Tiger-Rock teaches more than fighting skills. We also teach self-defense, anti-bullying, and life skills. These skills will help your teen navigate their social life and independence safely and be ready to take on unique challenges. Your teen will master the art of protecting themselves from bullies and learn how to de-escalate situations. The life skills they will learn will also help them to succeed in their academic classes and other areas in their life.

Improve Your Core

The many different exercises you will perform within our program will help improve your core muscles. Physical fitness is beneficial because it helps improve the quality of your life and staves off disease.

Competition Year-Round

You have a chance to participate in competitions year-round. We encourage students to join completion at the local, state, and national levels. Sparring is one way we encourage students to participate in competitions.

Fun Learning

You will learn a number of different strikes, kicks, and values when enrolled in one of our programs. At the same time, you will have fun learning. Our instructors help lighten the mood as well.