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Tiger-Rock Martial Arts at Keller, Texas

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has had a presence in Keller, Texas, since 1987. Each student who has completed one of our programs has been presented with numerous mental, physical, and emotional benefits. When you choose our organization, you will experience a sociable and fun atmosphere, friendly and experienced instructors, exercise routines featuring kicks and strikes, and many skills you can use well after your time with us. We want to challenge you, but we also want you to have fun. Children, teenagers, and adults can learn and achieve so much at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts.

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Meet Our Certified Instructor Team

The instructors at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts are highly experienced in the martial arts they are training. You can look at your instructor with confidence. They encourage students to ask questions and provide feedback at every step. Most instructors train all year and stay updated on training methods. These traits help students get the best learning experience possible.













Benefits of Choosing Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

You can choose from a number of different martial arts organizations in the Keller area. However, choosing Tiger-Rock Martial Arts provides unique benefits.

Social and Friendly Environment

Martial arts may seem stressful, but Tiger-Rock Martial Arts strives to create an engaging and friendly atmosphere. Students and instructors work closely together in order to achieve their own goals. We believe you will feel comfortable asking for assistance or helping others when they need it.

A Blend of Martial Arts and Fitness

Martial arts are demanding physically, but Tiger-Rock Martial Arts changes the experience. Instead of just learning kicks and strikes, we also help students with their muscle tone, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. We combine martial arts with the latest physical fitness techniques.

A Plethora of Benefits

Since Tiger-Rock Martial Arts does more than teach kicks and strikes, you can benefit in a variety of ways. You will experience a reduction of stress, improved focus, boosted confidence, greater self-esteem, toned muscles, greater flexibility, and a social environment.
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Our Programs

Choose Tiger-Rock Martial Arts for your child, teenager, or you. We have programs for all ages and each teaches essential skills students can use throughout the rest of their lives.


The Adults program features exercises such as striking drills, kicking drills, and blocking drills. These drills create a stronger core and increase physical strength. Confidence and mental toughness are also improved.


Teenagers need a positive influence so they can develop into healthy adults. The Teens program focuses on positive influence through leadership skills, good citizenship, and socialization. Sessions are 40 to 45 minutes.


Classes are between 40 and 45 minutes in the Juniors program. Positive energy is channeled through agility and speed exercises. Greater education on bullying and stranger awareness are also provided.


The Kids program features 30-minute lessons. Students within this program learn symmetrical movements to improve dexterity and balance. Plus, they will learn anti-bullying and stranger awareness skills.

Unique Traits of Tiger-Rock

  • Classes Fit Your Schedule

    We understand how busy your or your child can get. School and work take up most of our days, which is why we offer evening and Saturday classes.

  • Take Your Time

    Take your time during classes. Everyone learns at their own pace while at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. Feel free to ask questions. Students and instructors can help you.

  • Locations All Over the U.S.

    There are Tiger-Rock Martial Arts locations all over the United States. When you leave town, simply look up the nearest Tiger-Rock and schedule a class.

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