Martial arts, life skills, and self-defense training for all ages

A world-class training system, incredible instructors, competitive opportunities, and great locations are some of the reasons why you should join a Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Texas academy. We currently have thousands of students across the state and we’re adding more daily.

Transform Yourself

Since 1983, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Texas has helped thousands of adults and kids improve their life skills, self-defense skills, and physical fitness through our signature martial arts training.

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With numerous locations across the great state of Texas, you’ll find a Tiger-Rock Martial Arts location right in your neighborhood.

Kids Martial Arts Classes for ages 4 to 15

  • Taekwondo lessons can help your child develop focus, discipline, and confidence.
  • Martial arts keeps your child physically active, helping them become stronger and healthier
  • Tiger-Rock Martial Arts provides a safe and welcoming environment that’s fun and engaging
  • Our instructors off years of experience in martial arts training and child development
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Adult Martial Arts Training

  • Lose weight, burn calories, and give your health a boost with a high-intensity workout
  • Improve your mental toughness, sharpen your focus, and reduce stress
  • Learn real-world self-defense skills that will help you be prepared for the unexpected
  • Engage and have fun in a fun, competitive, and challenging environment
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About Tiger-Rock Texas

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Texas is a group of martial arts franchises serving most of the Texas’ largest metropolitan areas. With multiple locations through the state, you’re probably never more than 20 to 30 minutes away from one of our academies.



The Tiger-Rock System

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Training System incorporates taekwondo, self-defense training, life skills education, and physical fitness into a life-changing workout suitable for all ages.

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We have numerous locations across the great state of Texas! Find a Tiger-Rock Martial Arts academy right in your neighborhood today!

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