Karate for Adults Kingwood Tx

Tiger-Rock Karate for Adults Kingwood Tx has a combination signature workout that helps you become more fit and focused. Our core adult, martial arts program combines the Korean tradition of taekwondo with the latest physical fitness. These classes feature striking drills, kicking drills, blocking drills, form exercises, and core strengthening exercises. Our core program of drills and exercises will help you build physical strength, mental toughness and increase your confidence!

Karate for Adults Kingwood Tx

Karate for Adults Kingwood Tx

Experience Tiger-Rock

Additionally, you especially deserve to be selfish when it comes to improving your mind, body, and soul. For that reason, our certified coaches want to help you design a personalized program. This program by design boosts your cardiovascular health and reduces your stress. Above all, stress is one of the many factors that can weaken your cardiovascular health. If you have cardiovascular issues that may stem from genetics with our massive locations around Texas, you can work out on the go. Members of Tiger-Rock Karate for Adults Kingwood Tx can work out at any of our many Texas locations. Sharpen your ability to focus and build your confidence with our core program.

Key Areas of Training

Tiger-Rock adult martial art training enhances your physical keenness with speed and agility drills. As a result, you will notice dormant muscles rising to the occasion. Your body movement and coordination improve if you follow the personalized program our instructors create for you. To be successful, you will learn how to channel your inner disciplinary skills with the resources we provide for you.

Self Defense & Counter Aggression

Being able to protect yourself and your family is part of your personalized program. Tiger-Rock does not promote violence. You will learn self-defense skills for protection purposes to stop an attack, which is why the techniques you will learn include striking, kicking, and blocking to defend yourself properly. Our Elite Counter Aggression Training system is a vital part of your personalized program. Additionally, these techniques are emphasized because adults are wired to defend themselves and their loved ones around them in the heat of the moment.


Adults are hard-wired for discipline; however, at times, we make decisions that reflect a lack of discipline. Every individual is different, and each student sets their own personal goals to incorporate discipline. You will be more focused on setting and accomplishing goals. You will become more disciplined in completing tasks. Most noteworthy, you are making life changes that will improve your physical and mental health for years to come.

Tiger-Rock Compliments your Lifestyle

Karate for Adults Kingwood Tx classes are held during the evenings, and there are even mid-afternoon classes if you need a break from your busy life. Is traveling a roadblock for your training? The first step you need to take to transform your physical and mental health is to set up a meeting with a Tiger-Rock professional. Then during this initial meeting, you will set up a program that works for you.

Fun for the Family!

Tiger-Rock prides itself on providing classes for the whole family. Tiger-Rock Karate for Adults Kingwood Tx is a membership that everyone can enjoy and have in common. Going to a place where the entire family can work on health and well being is truly rewarding. There are classes for early childhood development, elementary school-aged students, and middle school kids up to high school and adult classes. As a result, Tiger-Rock is a place where everyone fits in and no one is left out.

Call Tiger-Rock

Additionally, this unique family-oriented martial arts training offers courses at night so that everyone can go together. Embrace family time by reaching out to one of our Tiger-Rock professionals today. We are located in Kingwood at 1313 Kingwood Drive 77339. You can reach out to us by phone to set up a time to come in and take a tour by calling 281-358-0018. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Training is where family fun is #1!

Kingwood TX Fun Facts

  • Kingwood is one of the nicest suburbs in all of Houston and is the hidden gem of Texas. If you’re looking for a place in the Northeast that is safe and reliable, we can help. 
  • Looking for Texas cities can be hard, but we believe that Kingwood stands out for all the right reasons. Visit us today to find out additional information as well as when you can visit!