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Taekwondo at the Core

The core or the base of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts’ programs is Taekwondo. This martial art originates from Korea. The name Taekwondo is much younger than the art itself. Unlike other types of martial arts, Taekwondo focuses on using the feet with the hands being used for support. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts integrates martial arts with twenty-first-century exercises.

Change is Good

The instructors at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts will teach you several different types of strikes and kicks. Our various exercises help improve your core strength, agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. These four areas are the primary areas you will see a great change in after completing a Tiger-Rock program. Physical changes, however, are only just the beginning. You will also experience a slew of emotional and mental benefits that will help you maneuver through your daily life.

The Influence of Martial Arts

The physical change your body will go through at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts will be beneficial. At the same time, your mental and emotional state will also change. The culture at our martial arts dojo is friendly, encouraging, and diverse. Our instructors and students come from different backgrounds, which only enriches the experience of all others. The exposure to so many different people helps you learn and appreciate martial arts and its influence on the world.

Real-World Applications

Students within the younger programs learn stranger awareness and anti-bullying methods. In the adult program, you will learn advanced forms of these methods, which translate to self-defense and anti-aggression techniques. You will benefit significantly from this set of skills because it prepares you for the unexpected. A value in Taekwondo and other martial arts is to only use the skills for self-defense. This mentality is taught to our younger students as well. The martial arts you will learn at our dojo will help you protect yourself and others when necessary.

Improve Flexibility

The many strikes and kicks you learn at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts improve your body in more ways than one. A higher level of flexibility reduces the chances of injury and boosts muscle strength. You also experience less pain with greater flexibility and increased muscle tone.

Healthy Competition

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts’s students have the chance to participate in martial arts competitions throughout the year. These competitions are at the local, state, and national levels. Our programs also generate healthy competition through sparring.

Engaging Environment

The environment at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is engaging. You will easily learn to focus more in order to learn the exercises being taught. Our instructors also help create a fun environment in order for you to feel good about your training.

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