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At Tiger-Rock we believe that the purpose of our training is to compete, defend, and advance. Through regular participation we can accelerate development of our martial arts skills, protect ourselves, and achieve recognition. Together through consistent training and our event experiences we achieve our goals and are recognized for achievement, effort, and contribution.

Competition is a part of our lives every day. Whether for a better job, grades in school, or a closer parking spot at the grocery store; we are constantly competing. Tiger Rock students test their skills and performance by competing in three events annually. We accelerate our skill development and earn the opportunity to distinguish ourselves.

Defense and Personal Protection are an integral part of every training session. From day one new students will learn how to empower their voice and escape from dangerous situation. As a student’s skills and self-confidence develop and improve they will learn how to avoid these situations and protect themselves should a physical situation arise.

The culmination of a Tiger Rock Students training is the opportunity for advancement and the Champions ceremony. Students are throughouly tested on their physical skill, knowledge, and performance resulting in rank Advancement.
Students who achieve their advancement are recognized by their Instructors at the Champions Ceremony.

Katy, Texas Martial Arts

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has two Katy locations for students. Both locations feature programs for children, teens, and adults. Contact the location nearest to you in order to find out about prices, class times, program options, and more.

Mason Road Academy

625 S Mason Road
Katy, TX 77450

Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Katy – Mason Rd. is conveniently located on Mason Rd. just South of Interstate 10. We are in the Mason Park Shopping Center on the Corner of Kingsland Blvd. and Mason Rd. next to the Bike Barn and Bagel Cafe. We are located close to Green Trails, Nottingham, Cimarron, West Memorial, Cinco Ranch, and Kelliwood Neighborhoods.
We proudly serve Taylor, Cinco Ranch, Katy and Morton Ranch High Schools, McMeans, Beck West Memorial and Memorial Parkway Junior High Schools, Nottingham County, Pattison, Memorial Parkway, West Memorial, Cimarron, and Creech Elementary Schools.

Katy – Gaston Road Academy

5757 Katy-Gaston Road
Katy, TX 77494

Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Katy Katy Gaston – is conveniently located just north of 1093/Westpark Tollway on the corner Katy Gaston Rd and Fry Rd. right next to Dillon’s Automotive and across the street from Seven Lakes High School.
We are located right in the middle of Cinco Ranch West, Seven Meadows and Grand Lakes Neighborhoods. We proudly serve Seven Lakes and Tompkins High Schools, Seven Lakes and Beckendorff Junior High Schools, and Bonnie Holland, Stanley, Wilson, Griffin, and Kilpatrick Elementary Schools.

Meet Our Certified Instructor Team

The instructors at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts are highly experienced in the martial arts they are training. You can look at your instructor with confidence. They encourage students to ask questions and provide feedback at every step. Certified instructors renew certification annually and stay updated on current training methods. These traits help students get the best learning experience possible. Tiger-Rock Keller staff are safety trained in First Aid / CPR / AED, and Abuse Prevention biennially.

Angus Pollard

Chief Instructor / Owner

Teresita Gonzalez

Certified Instructor / Bilingual Instruction

Anthony Silva

Certified Instructor

Joshua Dubrow

Certified Instructor

Michael Reade

Chief Instructor / Owner

Haley Hatchett

Certified Instructor

Travis Hatchett

Certified Instructor

Jason Chavez

Certified Instructor

Our Programs

Martial arts are beneficial for all age groups, which is why we offer programs for kids, teens, and adults.
Let our professional instructors help you learn essential life skills.

Adult Martial Arts Program

The skills and benefits you will obtain in the Adults program include improved focus, self-defense training, stress-relief, leadership skills, improved self-esteem, and greater fitness.

Tiger Rock for Teens

Your teenager’s mind and body are going through an extreme change right now. With that said, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts wants to help teen students develop into respectable and confident adults.

Awesome Kids Program

The development of your child’s brain and body is critical to their health. The Tiger-Cubs program teaches students symmetrical movements in order to improve dexterity and coordination.

Martial arts in Katy, TX

Martial arts is an incredible activity that is fun for people of all ages. It is a great way for you to stay active, fit, and healthy. Moreover, it is also a fantastic activity to relieve stress and improve your health. Now that you know the awesome benefits of martial arts, it is time for you to start your training. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Katy, an area institution for nearly 2 decades, is the perfect place for you and your family to learn martial arts.

Martial arts. Life skills. Self-defense.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Katy has a martial arts training system which combines taekwondo with the latest advances in physical fitness. Together, these elements make for a heart-pounding workout that is suitable for all ages. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts offers classes for kids, teens, and adults.

In addition to physical fitness, Tiger-Rock students learn important life skills such as self-defense tactics that will keep them safe and evade danger in an unpredictable world. Elementary, middle school, and high school-age students will participate in anti-bullying education and stranger awareness.

The Tiger-Rock Difference

  • Train at your convenience

    Tiger-Rock Katy offers multiple training sessions throughout the week to fit you and your family’s schedule—including Saturday lessons!

  • Train at your own pace

    We’re about personal growth at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. That’s why we encourage our students to train at their own pace and ability.

  • Train anywhere in the USA

    Going out of town and want to keep up? No problem. As a Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Katy member, you can train at any Tiger-Rock location across the country!

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Check out our two Katy locations for world-class martial arts training for all ages.