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If you have been searching for Green Trails Martial Arts, you need to contact Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. These guys have dedicated staff that is all certified taekwondo instructors. Their team will help you to achieve your taekwondo goals, whatever they may be. These instructors train year-round and know all the latest training methods. They also have classes for all ages, from early childhood, Junior programs, and adult programs.

After you become comfortable with your skills, you will be allowed to compete. This is because Tiger-Rock Martial Arts have an active competition cycle. This cycle offers three yearly tournaments held in fall, spring, and summer. These tournaments bring competitors from all over the region, state, and nation. They are also flexible and can fit your lifestyle; however you want. Their scheduling allows students to take classes in the evening. These guys also have a great atmosphere that helps foster training and goals. By choosing them, you will be challenged and have fun all at the same time.

There are many reasons you should go to them for your martial arts training. They can help you learn more than taekwondo too. These guys can teach you self-defense and anti-bullying. Martial arts are there to help you become more focused and disciplined. After taking classes with Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, you will see this change in your own life. You will become physically sharp and have increased mental keenness. So, please continue reading to know why you should choose them to be your Green Trails Martial Arts instructors.

Green Trails Martial Arts

We offer an amazing martial arts program for children!

Their Programs

These guys have two types of programs. Martial arts programs for adults and martial arts programs for children. Both are instructed by highly skilled instructors that will help you and your kids reach their goals. This will help you grow your confidence and help you become more physically fit and increase your speed and agility.

Adult Programs

These programs use both the Korean tradition of taekwondo and the latest fitness techniques. This combination will provide you with a workout that will help you become more focused and physically fit. These programs feature striking drills, killing drills, blocking drills, form exercises, and strengthening exercises. Working on these drills will help you build your strength, mental toughness and help you gain confidence.

Here are some reasons you should choose a Tiger-Rock Martial Arts adult program:

  • improves flexibility
  • builds confidence
  • reduces stress
  • teaches self-defense
  • physical fitness
  • enhances mental toughness
  • boosts cardiovascular health
  • sharpens your ability to focus

Now let’s break down some of the drills. Their striking and kicking drills are essential for their martial arts lessons. They help your upper and lower body strength and stamina. They also improve your motor skills and enhance your coordination.

Their classes will also give you the bonus of knowing how to deal with threats. They offer real-world self-defense training that will teach you essential kicking, blocking, and striking techniques. Their classes also are great for instilling self-discipline and boosting self-confidence.

Kid Programs

There are three programs for children ranging from ages 4-6 and going all the way up to teenage years. Their earliest program is Tiger-Cubs, which is for ages 4-6 and is their early childhood training curriculum. In this program, they learn symmetrical movements that begin the foundation of balance and coordination. The next class is the Juniors, which is for ages 6-10. This program builds self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-control. The drills they use are there to channel positive energy and improve speed and agility. The children in this class also learn self-defense and anti-bullying.

Teens are ages 12-15, sometimes 11-15, depending upon the location. These classes focus on positive influences, strong character, and leadership. Teenage years are the most critical years of a young person’s life. This is why it is essential to provide them with a rewarding environment that will help them learn responsible citizenship and stay fit.

The goal of these classes is to focus on your child’s development. Your child can learn the value of good leadership and good citizenship. Also, their character-building activities will help your child grow in the dojo and at home.

Green Trails Martial Arts

Let us give you the training you need to be a better person!


This style of martial art is Korean and developed around World War 2. This form of fighting takes from ancient Korean and Chinese traditions and the Okinawan practice of karate. This is one of the more popular forms of martial arts globally and is at all Tiger-Rock Martial Arts academies.

Since taekwondo has a physical nature, it is often combined with other martial arts calisthenics exercises. It is also combined with additional strength and conditioning drills for a complete workout. These combinations help boost your abilities as you advance in your training.

Taekwondo provides significant physical fitness benefits: improved cardiovascular health boosted athletic ability, and improved balance and coordination. A study from 2014 shows that taekwondo athletes show good endurance, lower and upper body strength, increased flexibility, and anaerobic power.

Self-Defense Training

This program is also called Elite Counter-Aggression Training. The training uses different martial arts elements like taekwondo and helps you hone evasive techniques, striking, grappling, and kicking. While you are learning many self-defense techniques, you are also becoming physically fit. Being physically fit is an additional way to remain safe. This is because it increases your chances of successfully defending yourself against an attacker.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts also strives to provide a positive environment that is constructive and safe for all trainees. People of all age groups are invited to participate in self-defense training. They have people that are from elementary school children to retirees practicing self-defense.


Multiple anti-bullying tactics are taught at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. However, this anti-bullying program doesn’t promote violence, no matter the tactic. These tactics include stances, tone, diction that are all aimed to convey confidence. Your child will learn these and also learn essential self-defense skills and techniques at the dojo. That way, if the bully attempts to escalate the situation, your child can adequately defend themself.

The Best Green Trails martial arts Instructors

If you are searching for an excellent place to learn martial arts, then choose Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. You can give them a call at (281) 829-9300, or you can check out website and location. Chose Tiger-Rock Martial Arts to be your Green Trails Martial Arts.

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