martial arts near me 77450

martial arts near me 77450

martial arts near me 77450

Have you been looking for martial arts near me, 77450? Then you need to see Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. These guys have dedicated trainers who train all year round to ensure their students have the latest methods available. This is what makes them some of the best trainers in the state.

These guys also enjoy training everyone who wishes to learn. They make sure to have classes available to all ages and at various times during the day. So if you want to enroll yourself or your pre-schooler, you have the option to do both. You will also have the option of taking evening classes. That way, when you are done with work or school, you can come to the academy and destress with some drills.

Another bonus about choosing them is that they offer tournaments three times a year. These tournaments are held during spring, summer, and fall. They are also for people from all over the region, state, and nation. So, you will have the chance to meet people from all over while also showing off your skills.  This is what makes them one of the best martial arts near me 77450.

martial arts near me 77450

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Martial Arts

If you would like to learn martial arts, you are in luck because you can enjoy a lot of benefits.  Many people think about physical benefits, but there are also a lot of mental benefits too. Martial arts have been said to help with confidence, self-discipline, and focus. All of these things can greatly impact your life on and off the mat.

Self-discipline will help you to stick to practicing your more challenging moves. After practicing self-discipline, you will see it impact your day to day life. This can be in ways such as making healthier decisions that you once struggled with, sticking with challenging goals, and more. As you become better at disciplining your self, you will find yourself making changes for the better. You will have an easier time choosing the best option over the options you want but know aren’t the best.

The focus will help you to stick to a move until you have mastered it. Off the mat, this will affect your day to day life in goal setting. As you make and achieve goals, you will find that you are creating a life you have been wanting. Whether the goal is big or small, you will need to focus on completing it.

With all of these changes, they will feed into your overall confidence. As you make and keep your goals and improve yourself for the better, you will feel better about yourself. Not to mention the physical benefits of martial arts will give your confidence a good boost too.

Adult Martial Arts Classes

The adult martial arts program uses taekwondo mixed with fitness techniques that aim to do a complete workout. The class is primarily focused on striking drills, kicking drills, blocking drills, strength drills, and form exercises. These combinations are designed to create a full workout for their students and help you reach your fitness goals. Some of the advantages of these combinations are:

  • physical fitness
  •  enhancing mental toughness
  • improving flexibility
  • sharpening your ability to focus
  • learning self-defense
  • reducing stress
  • increasing cardiovascular health

The key element of these classes is kicking and striking drills. These drills help you build up your overall strength, improve your coordination, and sharpen your motor skills. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts also focuses on real-world self-defense, which entails key techniques that will help you to know how to handle a threat. Contact Tiger-Rock Martial Arts today to learn more.

martial arts near me 77450

Check out our classes for teens.

Children Martial Art Classes

There are classes available for children also. These classes are split up by age into three groups. These groups are the Tiger Cubs, Juniors, and Teens. These classes are to promote child development and help them to learn life skills. As they take these classes, they will learn about honorable leadership and good citizenship. They will also get to participate in character-building activities that will encourage growth on and off the mat.

The first class is Tiger-Cubs, which is for children who are 4-6 years old. This class is about learning symmetrical movements to create a foundation for coordination and balance.

After this class is the Junior class for ages 6-10, this class is about building self-esteem and confidence. They will use drills to channel positive energy while increasing their speed and agility. In this class, your child will also learn self-defense and anti-bullying.

The next class is Teens, for ages 12-15 or 11-15, depending on the location. The main focus of the class is on strong character, positive influences, and leadership. This class offers a rewarding atmosphere for your child, which will teach them responsible citizenship and keep them active.

These years are some of the most important in a child’s life. So, it is important to give them an activity that keeps them engaged and healthy. It will also promote growth and character building, which will benefit them throughout their life.


This martial art form is used throughout Tiger-Rock Martial Arts classes and academies. Taekwondo comes from Chinese and Korean traditions, along with the Okinawan tradition of karate. While it stems from predominantly Asian traditions, it is popular in many more places than just Asia. It is one of the most popular martial arts worldwide. After it came to be around World War Two, it has benefited people’s lives for years after.

At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, they pair martial art calisthenics exercises with taekwondo and conditioning exercises. This is to create a complete workout and help their students build up their stamina. These additions to the taekwondo curriculum will help you to advance through your classes and enhance your abilities.

The Best martial arts near me 77450

To learn more about Tiger-Rock Martial Arts programs, check out their about page or call them at (281) 829-9300. Or, if you are already a member, you can check out their member’s tab for more information. Allow them to be your martial arts near me 77450.

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