Nottingham martial arts

Nottingham martial arts

Nottingham martial arts

Are you searching for Nottingham martial arts? Then you need to check out Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. They have a dedicated team of taekwondo instructors. Their team will help you to achieve your martial arts goals, no matter what they are. They train all year round and are well equipped with the latest training techniques. They also provide martial arts programs for all ages, whether it is for early childhood or adults.

Once you feel comfortable with your skills, you can also compete with them. They offer an active competition cycle that gives three yearly tournaments offered in fall, spring, and summer. They bring competitors from all over, starting with regional competitions, then moving to the state and finally, national.

Classes are flexible and are designed to fit your lifestyle. They offer classes for the evening so that way you won’t have to adjust your schedule. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts will work with you and your schedule. They also have a great atmosphere that fosters learning and goals. By taking classes from them, you will have fun and be challenged all at the same time.

There are many benefits to taking martial arts classes. They also teach more than just taekwondo; they teach self-defense and anti-bullying. You will learn focus and discipline as you take martial arts classes, and after a couple of classes, you will start to see a change within your life. Over time you will become physically sharp and have mental keenness. Continue reading to know why you should choose Tiger-Rock Martial Arts to be your Nottingham martial arts.

Adult Programs

This program utilizes both the Korean traditions of taekwondo and the latest fitness methods. With this combination, you will have a workout that will aid you in becoming physically fit and focused. When you take an adult program, you can expect to have striking drills, blocking drills, kicking drills, form exercises, and strengthening exercises. These drills are designed to help you build your strength, mental toughness, and confidence.

These are some reasons to choose Tiger-Rock Martial Arts adult programs:

  • reduces stress
  • boosts cardiovascular health
  • physical fitness
  • teaches self-defense
  • builds confidence
  • improves flexibility
  • sharpens your ability to focus
  • enhances mental toughness

The striking and kicking drills are an essential part of the martial arts program. They help your upper and lower body stamina and strength and also improve your motor skills and coordination. These classes will also provide you with the added bonus of understanding of how to handle threats. This dojo offers real-world self-defense training that will teach you key kicking, striking, and blocking techniques. These classes are also great for instilling self-confidence and self-discipline.

Nottingham martial arts

Come check out our classes for teens

Kid Programs

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has three programs for children ranging from early childhood to teens. Their earliest program is Tiger-Cubs, which ranges from 4-6 years old. This early childhood program teaches them symmetrical movements that build the foundation for balance and coordination.

The next class is juniors, which range from 6-10 years old. It is created to help build self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-control. The drills are also designed to channel positive energy and improve agility and speed. Those that take this class also learn self-defense and anti-bullying.

Teens are for ages 12-15 and 11-15 depending on the dojo. These classes are designed to focus on positive influences, leadership, and strong character. The teen years are some of the most important years in a child’s life. This is why they need to be provided with a rewarding environment that will help them stay fit and teach them responsible citizenship.

Child classes are aimed at child development and life skills. Your children will learn honorable leadership and good citizenship when taking these classes. They will also experience character-building activities that will help them grow inside and outside the dojo.


Just like Jiu-Jitsu, this fighting style focuses on balance and coordination. This style of martial arts developed around World War Two and is from Korea. It pulls from Korean and Chinese traditions and the Okinawan tradition of karate. This form of martial art is popular worldwide and is a part of all Tiger-Rock Martial Arts academies.

Because it has a physical nature Tiger-Rock Martial Arts combines it with other martial arts calisthenics exercises. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts also combines it with conditioning and strength drills to make it a complete workout. These combinations are to boost your ability and help you advance in your training.

Taekwondo also provides many physical benefits like improved cardiovascular health, boosted athletic ability, along with improved balance and coordination. A study from 2014 states that taekwondo athletes show good lower and upper body strength, endurance, anaerobic power, and increased flexibility.

Nottingham martial arts

Don’t let attackers and bullies get the best of you.

Self-Defense Training

This training falls under two names, Self-Defense Training, and Elite Counter Aggression Training. This training pulls elements from taekwondo and teaches you evasive techniques, striking, kicking, and grappling. As you learn these techniques, you are also becoming physically fit, which is an additional way to remain safe. By being physically fit, you are increasing your chances of being successful when defending yourself against an attacker.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts are also there to foster a positive atmosphere that will be safe and constructive for all trainees. Everyone is able to participate in these self-defense classes. It doesn’t matter whether you are from elementary or retired; all are welcome.


There are multiple anti-bullying tactics that can help defend your child from a bully. However, this program doesn’t promote violence. Instead, it focuses on awareness, communication, and only if the bully escalates the situation, self-defense. There are many tactics a child can use, and some of them are stances, tone, diction, which are all aimed to convey confidence. As they learn these things, your child will feel more confident in standing up to their bully. These are just some of the reasons you should choose them to be your Nottingham martial arts.

The Best Nottingham martial arts Instructors

If you want to learn martial arts from a fantastic and skilled team, then you need to contact Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. So, give them a call at (281) 829-9300 or check out there about us and members‘ tabs. Come check them out and make them your Nottingham martial arts instructors.

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