Seven Meadows Taekwondo

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts should be your choice when looking for a Seven Meadows taekwondo dojo. Our dojo has numerous features that will benefit every student who walks through our doors. Firstly, we offer a variety of different programs for various age groups. We have the Tiger Cubs for early childhood, the Junior Program, Teens Program, and the Adult Program for those over the age of 16.

Each of our taekwondo programs are designed to build the mentality and physicality of students. After all, that is what taekwondo is all about. Secondly, our taekwondo instructors stay updated on all of the latest training techniques. All of them are also certified, professional, and friendly.

Seven Meadows Taekwondo

Become number one at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts.

Thirdly, students can enroll in competitive opportunities when it comes to taekwondo. There are various tournaments students may take part in at the local, state, and national levels. It takes a lot of taekwondo training to get to these points, but our instructors will be there every step of the way.

In addition, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts as just the flexible schedule students need. We understand that many of our students have lives outside of the dojo. So, we are flexible when it comes to scheduling. Finally, the atmosphere of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is unlike many other dojos. We provide a friendly, competitive, and challenging atmosphere for students to enjoy.

The Origins of Taekwondo

The modern form of taekwondo originates from the 1950s after World War II. However, the roots of the martial art stem from when Korea was divided into three kingdoms in the 6th Century. The weakest of the three kingdoms, Silla, made a move to start training its young warriors. They were taught how to use weapons, but they focused on unarmed combat. This combat was known as SooBak.

The king of Silla felt the warriors needed to be ready mentally as well. So, he turned to a Buddhist monk. The monk trained the young warriors mentally. He created a list of ethics for them to follow. The warriors had become strong, mentally, and physically. Silla eventually took over the other two kingdoms and united Korea.

A group of master instructors arrived in the Americas in the 1950s. Their spread of the art made it boom as a hobby and eventually a sport. Since then, taekwondo has been one of the most popular martial arts. The growth of taekwondo boomed when a school was established in 1962.

Seven Meadows Taekwondo

Taekwondo offers a variety of physical and mental benefits.

What is taekwondo?

As you can probably gather from the origin story, taekwondo is a martial art that focuses on self-discipline and philosophy. The word, taekwondo, is a culmination of three Korean words: Tae, Kwon, and Do. Tae means foot, Kwon means fist or hand, and Do means way or art. The word represents what taekwondo encompasses.

Students will learn types of kicks, stances, and strikes. At the same time, they will learn a variety of philosophical concepts such as integrity, respect, and self-control. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts encapsulates all of these features into a single program so students can benefit greatly.

Benefits of Taekwondo

The most obvious benefits of taekwondo are the physical ones: improved flexibility, stronger muscles, etc. However, the philosophy associated with taekwondo provides students with a better mentality when trying to obtain goals, focus on specific aspects of life, and so much more. You can see just a few benefits of taekwondo below.

Respect for Authority

There is a form of authority in everyone’s life, and it is important to respect them to a degree. Students over the age of 18 will have most likely developed this skill as it becomes essential in college and the workforce. Children and teens can start to learn how to treat their instructors through discipline and cooperation. They will take precise instructions from the instructor and should follow them in order to fulfill their own goals.


If you are looking for a gym alternative, then taekwondo is a great option. Not only will it help you get into shape, but it will also provide a level of socialization a gym cannot offer. When you go to the gym, you are most likely lifting weights or running on a treadmill in solitary regardless of how many people are around you. Taekwondo leads students to work together and with instructors. It is very much a social sport, which can benefit in other ways.

Improved Self-Esteem

Seven Meadows Taekwondo

Kids and adults can improve their self-esteem through taekwondo.

There are various things in life that can lower people’s self-esteem. In fact, you may be very hesitant to enroll in a taekwondo program because of your low self-esteem. Well, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts’ programs will help raise that self-esteem. Instructors will praise students fro accomplishing a goal or mastering a pose or strike. This will build self-esteem slowly and will eventually provide students with the amount they need. Plus, taekwondo is used for self-defense, and the thought of being able to protect yourself is certainly a confidence booster.

Better Focus

Focus is important in all aspects of life. Children and teens need it during school, and adults need it during important meetings or presentations. It takes a lot of repetition and time to secure a skill. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts will require students to focus on their strikes, poses, and kicks. In order to master them, they will need to focus as best as possible. This skill is applicable in many other areas of life and would benefit anyone.

Seven Meadows Taekwondo

If you are wanting to obtain your black belt and reap a number of benefits, then Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is the dojo for you. Students can contact us today by calling (281) 202-3713. We are very flexible when it comes to scheduling taekwondo classes. You may also visit our Katy Gaston Road location page for more information. Regardless, you will have a fun and challenging time at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. Our team of instructors are some of the best in the Greater Houston, Texas, area. The aforementioned benefits are just a small portion of taekwondo has to offer. So, stop searching for a Seven Meadow taekwondo dojo and start calling today.

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