Taekwondo Near Me 77406

Are you looking for “Taekwondo Near Me 77406?” Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has trained teachers, flexible schedules, and a curriculum for each age group. Kids, teenagers, and adults are welcome to enter our program. However, each group will be training with other students to learn the art of taekwondo.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is different from any other taekwondo dojo. First of all, our services are for more than just for boys. Any gender or age range is capable of learning and benefiting from this craft. We deliver the Tiger Cubs Early Childhood Program, the Junior Program, the Youth Program, and the Adult Program to everyone over the age of 16.

Second, each of our teachers is accredited in the arts. As a result, students are getting the best teaching methods available. Many of our teachers practice throughout the year so that they can give enriched guidance to the students. Thirdly, students could have the ability to take part in competitions. Students can take part in local, state and national tournaments.

Another explanation of why you should choose Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is because of the wonderful atmosphere we have. Everyone in our academy is helping and encouraging each other. We’re assisting students to train and achieve their goals. Steps toward those goals may not be easy, but they’re part of the fun.

In the end, students will regard taekwondo as life-changing. The knowledge and advantages that students will receive from our programs will be incorporated into a variety of other areas of life. Kids, teens, and adults will have plenty of chances to apply what they have learned at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts.

 Taekwondo Near Me 77406

Taekwondo Near Me 77406

A Brief History of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that was developed in the years after the Second World War. Although early types of it can be recognized as early as 35 BC. In reality, the word taekwondo is three Korean words: Tae, Kwon, and Do. In English, words mean foot, fist or hand, and art, respectively. This definition is exactly what Taekwondo means.

The focus of Taekwondo is on self-defense and character development. Students must learn about themselves and learn how to develop their strengths. The philosophy and mindset of Taekwondo has application to many martial arts. Students must learn to respect themselves and others, to be trustworthy, and to conquer an obstacle. Such primary principles make taekwondo useful to everyone.

A lot of students want to hit the ultimate target of a black belt. But the black belt is just the beginning when it comes to taekwondo. Many students want to pursue a higher level of education and theory. Our qualified and accredited teachers would be an example of this. Impressively, they continue to practice and keep up to date with the new techniques.

The Origin of Taekwondo

Taekwondo boomed in the 1950s when it was introduced to the Americas by a group of master instructors. The origins of what we know as taekwondo today, though, date back a few generations. Martial art started to skyrocket as the Korean Peninsula was split into three kingdoms.

The weakest of the three, Silla, was a tribe of warriors. The warriors were trained with and without weapons. Hand-to-hand fighting concentrated mainly on foot tactics and was known as the HwaRang.

The King of Silla also believed that his warriors needed mental training. He turned to a Buddhist monk to train the warriors. The monk then created a code of ethics for the warriors to obey. Silla took over the other two kingdoms and entered Korea. Thus, as time went on, martial arts was rising in popularity and mixed with others. Finally, in the 1950s, Taekwondo was perfected and distributed across the globe.

 Taekwondo Near Me 77406

Give your child an exciting and fun way to improve themselves.

What You Can Get Out of Taekwondo

Taekwondo offers a range of advantages to students. They should expect a range of physical and mental benefits that no other activity or sport could offer. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts lets students master the arts and enjoy as many benefits as possible. However, this is why it is helpful for students to choose Tiger-Rock Martial Arts for their own taekwondo purposes.

Better Muscle Strength and Flexibility

Like other martial arts, Taekwondo will push students to a physical level. This sport features a number of movements and activities that are not commonly associated with it. Taekwondo, for example, involves sit-ups and push-ups. These strength training activities help students ‘ muscles.

Students are going to have a better time performing their positions and strikes. These improvements will also help to reduce pain and stiffness. Ultimately, with these changes, students are less likely to experience injuries.

Increased Self-Esteem

There are all kinds of things in the world that can reduce self-esteem. When you have poor self-esteem, then you may be hesitant to participate in a taekwondo program. Well, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is an opportunity to lift your self-esteem. Students will be asked to perfect a pose or attack. Thus, they will receive feedback and bonuses when they complete the tasks. As a result, this method makes students feel validated when they do something right.

Improved Focus

Focus is a very necessary skill to have. It can be seen in a variety of other areas of life. Students would need to listen to their professors to know their next assignment, etc. However, is also important to listen to the feedback that has been given. Better emphasis will lead to children paying more attention in school and adults attending to work meetings.

Anger and Stress Relief

Everyday life will take a toll on our mindset and our emotions. Therefore, students may feel a great deal of stress, which may contribute to frustration. So, if that’s the case, Taekwondo will help. Kicking, kicking, and sparring can help students to relieve their tension or frustration. There are different chemicals released during taekwondo that reduce pain, stress, and frustration.

 Taekwondo Near Me 77406

Come to Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy.

Taekwondo Near Me 77406

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is a taekwondo dojo that students require. Taekwondo is an outstanding sport for teenagers, adolescents, and adults. Get out of the house or take a day-to-day break. Martial Arts is a perfect way to show respect, discipline, and power to students.

If you are interested in what we have to provide, please call us at (281) 202-3713. Students can also contact us online via the Katy-Gaston Rd. page. Therefore, there is no longer any need to keep looking for Taekwondo Near Me 77406.

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