taekwondo near me 77450

taekwondo near me 77450

taekwondo near me 77450

Have you been searching for taekwondo near me 77450? Then you need to contact Tiger-Rock Martial Arts since they have some of the best instructors in the area. This is because their instructors are some of the most dedicated in town. They train all year to find the best methods to teach their students. These guys enjoy sharing their skills with anyone they know and offer classes for all ages. Earn a black belt with them no matter your age. Learn self-defense with people who are in elementary school or who are retirees. Either way, you will get to learn a new skill and make friends of all kinds in their classes.

Their positive atmosphere is a fantastic environment that fosters learning and goal setting. They also have a location that is close by. Don’t worry about driving clear across town. There is a location right off of mason road. So, if you would like a place that is convenient to get to, then you should think about Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. They even offer classes in the evening. So if after a busy day you need to let off some steam, what better way than coming to practice taekwondo? You also won’t have to worry about finding a place that will offer classes that will work with your schedule. Know that your new hobby will fit in with any schedule you have. This is thanks to Tiger-Rock’s flexible hours. They hope to make classes available to everyone.

They also have the added fun of competitions. If you would like a chance to show off your skills after practicing, then you should go to them. They offer competitions three times a year in the spring, summer, and fall. These guys also have competitions from all around the region, state, and nation.

taekwondo near me 77450

Our instructors have the best training methods in the state.

Martial Arts

When you hear martial arts, you probably hear a lot about confidence. This is because martial arts programs help build people’s confidence. However, it is because of more than just it building confidence. There are a lot of benefits to taking a martial arts class. The main reason people like to take a martial arts class is that it helps them to build their focus and discipline. These are two things that can make a large impact on your daily life. Not only will developing your self-discipline help you within the academy, but they will help you in making healthier decisions.

Developing focus will help you to practice and master skills that you want to learn. However, outside of the academy, it will help you to focus and achieve your goals. Between healthier habits and setting then achieving goals, you will be a more confident person because you are changing your life for the better. You will also have more confidence because you will be fit and feel good in your skin. These are all key components to feeling confident about yourself.

Adult Programs

There are programs for adults to help them learn taekwondo and self-defense. This class combines taekwondo with the latest fitness methods to create a complete workout for their students. You can expect that during these classes, you will be working on striking drills, kicking, drills, blocking drills, strength exercises, and form exercises. Here are some of the advantages you can have when you are taking this class:

  • reducing stress
  • physical fitness
  • learning self-defense
  • improving flexibility
  • sharpening your ability to focus
  • enhancing mental toughness
  • increasing cardiovascular health

The primary element in this class is the striking and kicking drills. These drills are made to help you build your strength in your upper and lower body. They also are made to help you with your coordination and motor skills. Likewise, you will learn how to handle threats because the class offers real-world self-defense training. With real-world self-defense, you will learn key techniques with your striking, kicking, and blocking that will help you to evade an attack. With all of this and more, it is no wonder so many people choose Tiger-Rock Martial Arts as their go-to. Make them your taekwondo near me 77450.

taekwondo near me 77450

Check out our classes for children.

Child Programs

There are three classes that your child can take that are split by age. These classes are from early childhood all the way to teenage years. The children’s program is designed to help them develop a firm foundation that will foster growth, character building, and positivity. As they take these classes, they will learn life skills that will promote life long learning.

The beginning class is for 4-6 years old and is their early childhood program. This class is Tiger-Cubs and focuses on teaching symmetrical movements to help build a foundation for balance and coordination.

The next class after Tiger Cubs is Juniors, and this class is for children 6-10 years of age. This class is all about teaching them self-esteem and confidence. As your children take this class, they will learn anti-bullying and self-defense. Their drills will also be focused on building up speed and agility and channeling positive energy.

After this class, there is a Teens class for ages 12-15 or 11-15, depending on the location you are going to. This class is about building strong character, learning about positive influences, and leadership. Taking this class will provide your child with a rewarding environment that will teach responsible citizenship and help them to remain healthy and active.


This form of martial art is one that is used in all Tiger-Rock Martial Arts academies. Taekwondo is a form of martial arts that stems from traditions from Chinese and Korean culture, as well as the Okinawan tradition of karate. Even though it stems from Asian culture, that doesn’t mean that it is only popular there. Taekwondo is popular worldwide and has been benefiting people’s lives since its creation in World War Two.

All classes at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts combine taekwondo with other martial arts calisthenics exercises and conditioning exercises to create a complete workout. To learn this popular martial art form and to receive a full workout, you should make them your taekwondo near me 77450.

The Best taekwondo near me 77450

Talk to Tiger-Rock Martial Arts about their classes by calling (281) 829-9300, or you can learn more from their about page. However, if you are a member, then you should check out their member tab for more information. Choose Tiger-Rock Martial Arts to be your taekwondo near me 77450.

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