Taekwondo Near Me 77494

If you’re looking for a “taekwondo near me 77494” dojo, then come to Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Academy. We’ve got three different services for varying age ranges. Everyone from small kids to teens and adults are welcome. If you are someone who is looking to make a lifestyle change, a health change, or are just looking for a fresh new hobby, we can take care of you.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is working to prove the stigma behind martial arts wrong. Taekwondo is used primarily for self-defense and gives students a lot of great opportunities. Plus, there’s a lot of benefit in coming to our martial arts school. So, students who are participating in one of our programs can anticipate a variety of fantastic features.

First, the various programs we provide are divided into different age groups. These programs help students to feel at ease because other students are within their age range. Additionally, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has instructors who are trained and committed. Many of our coaches practice throughout the year and stay up-to-date with the latest training techniques. Students can find that these lessons are insightful and amiable.

Our dojo provides the ability for students to take part in friendly tournaments. These contests take place at the local, state, and national levels. Students from each of these areas compete to show off their skills. Finally, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is giving the students an excellent atmosphere. We want to see students have fun yet still retain knowledge and learn.

Taekwondo Near Me 77494

Taekwondo Near Me 77494

A History of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that originated in the Americas during World War II. In China and Korea, this martial art takes pieces from different cultures. This is one of the most respected martial art forms in the world. The word taekwondo comes from three distinct Korean words: Tae, Kwon, and Do. Each of these words means, respectively, foot, fist or fight, and art. Together they represent the core of what is taekwondo.

In taekwondo, there’s a variety of things students can learn. You can see a couple of the taekwondo features below:

  • Striking (hitting)
  • Sidekicks
  • Spinning kicks
  • Jumping kicks
  • Head-height kicks

Each of these exercises, such as jumping drills, speed goals, and punching drills, will be conducted. These drills will improve students’ durability, strength, and overall health. Our practices will have you living a better, more confident life in no time.

Physical Perks of Taekwondo Practice

Taekwondo is a sport or practice which is very physical. When it comes to this martial art form, students should expect a challenging workout. It needs a lot of motion, power, and flexibility. If you don’t have those skills right now, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts will help you improve your physical health.

Weight Loss

Taekwondo is a very physical activity. Students must undergo different workouts, which will consume a lot of calories. Participants will experience some form of weight loss, depending on how many days a week, you engage in the program.

Improved Flexibility

Taekwondo is full of exercises where the body is being stretched. Students should become more limber as the muscles extend further and further. As a result, you will then more efficiently execute poses and kicks. Improved endurance can reduce discomfort and lessen any chance of injury.

Strengthen Muscles

Students should expect stronger muscles as the taekwondo program progresses. Punching, wrestling, and sparring can make muscles increasingly stronger. Taekwondo does feature activities not inherently related to the sport. Good examples include sit-ups, push-ups, and other exercises. The muscles of the legs will also be toned up by kicks and jumps.

Bone Building

An osteoblast occurs each time the bone has an impact, which sets up the bone matter. Bones become thicker and more durable as they develop more matter. More substantial and denser bones cause less injury. Better bone mass also matters for higher martial arts levels. Thus, the denser bones will benefit students looking for competition sports.

Taekwondo Near Me 77494

Our academy will teach you self-defense.

Emotional Benefits of Taekwondo

Taekwondo’s physical benefits are the most evident. There are, however, many other benefits that can not be seen. Taekwondo can, for example, help students to reduce stress and control anger. However, taekwondo does this uniquely, and excitingly, exercise can generally offer the same kind of benefit.

Improved Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem students will see a dramatic improvement. Taekwondo requires the mastery of roles and attacks from students. Teachers will provide students with input. We will reward and congratulate you once the task is mastered. Therefore, this type of incentive helps students to understand themselves better.

Better Focus

As students conduct practices with stances and strikes, instructions and feedback are provided to improve their progress. Students are encouraged to focus on what the trainer advises and concentrate on exercising correctly. However, one-on-one guidance can be offered to students of all ages. As a result, children and teenagers can focus in school while adults are more attentive at work.

Social Interaction

It’s better than regular practice because Taekwondo was a group sport. Routine exercise in the gym, while you may be surrounded by others, is usually performed alone. Students and teachers engage in taekwondo. So, if you all want to accomplish a common objective, social contact is advantageous.

Taekwondo Near Me 77494

Learn from the best!

Taekwondo Near Me 77494

To receive your black belt, visit Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Academy today, or contact us online. The martial art courses we give are enjoyable and entertaining. Call on (281) 202-3713 today. Our locations page can be great for finding an academy close to you. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts are about strengthening the community, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

We have a lot of opportunities when it comes to competition. Students will participate in our Tiger Cubs early childhood program, the junior program or the Adult Program, which is any person over the age of 16. Thus, you don’t need to look for a taekwondo school anymore, because our Taekwondo Near Me 77494 dojo is the best option.

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