Teen Martial Arts

Students learn valuable lessons in citizenship, leadership, and self-defense in our renowned teen martial arts program in Katy.

About Our Teens Program

We offer an incredible environment for teen students. Students experience mental, social, and emotional growth in our program. In addition, we have training, leadership, and competitive opportunities that enhance the student’s Tiger-Rock experience.

The Tiger-Rock Advantage

Why students love our teen martial arts program at Tiger-Rock

  • Action-packed, fun classes
  • Positive social environment
  • Inclusive environment
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Advanced training opportunities
  • Competitive opportunities
  • Physical fitness
  • A positive challenge

Striking, kicking, and sparring

Striking, kicking, and sparring drills form the core of our teen martial arts classes. These drills help improve motor skills, physical ability, and physical fitness. Students will see an improvement their timing, coordination, and endurance as they advance in training.

Martial arts exercises

Our lessons feature strength and conditioning exercises that help build upper- and lower-body strength. These activities improve teen’s cardiovascular health and provides an important boost to their physical fitness.

Self-Defense and Anti-Bullying

Adolescents and teenagers have to deal with a unique set of threats and concerns. It’s vital that intermediate and high school-age students know how to protect themselves from bullies and other dangers. Tiger-Rock students learn a wide array of self-defense methods and anti-bullying strategies.

Leadership and Citizenship

Tiger-Rock students develop leadership and citizenship skills that translate well off the mat. We help students build their self-confidence, their self-concept, and their self-discipline through our training program.

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