Kids and teen martial arts classes in Tyler, TX

Your child will learn life skills, develop self-defense skills, and gain confidence in our Tyler kids and teen martial arts classes and Taekwondo lessons!

Attention Tyler parents! Three great programs. Awesome class times. Experience instructors. An enormous amount of fun. Sign your child up for our world-class kids and teen martial arts classes in Tyler at Tiger Rock Martial Arts.

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Tiger-Cubs Program

Our Tiger-Cubs Program is for our youngest martial arts students. Designed for kids ages 4 to 6 years old, the Tiger-Cubs Program focuses on the building blocks of martial arts instruction. Students learn symmetrical movements that will help with their balance, coordination, and motor skills. Students will be taught important skills such as listening to instructions and self-discipline.

Juniors Program

Designed for elementary school students, children 6 to 11 years old will be placed in our Juniors Program. Students at our Tyler kid and teen martial arts classes will participate in kicking, striking, and self-defense drills. Moreover, students will be taught stranger awareness and anti-bullying techniques. Through these martial arts lessons, students will build confidence and improve their self-esteem. Most important, however, is that they will channel their energy into an activity that is fun, healthy, and educational.


Teens Program

Middle school and high school students participate in our Teens Program. Teen martial arts classes is an awesome after-school activity that can perfectly complement any other athletic or extra curricular activity. Students in this program receive traditional martial arts instruction such as kicking drills, striking drills, and sparring exercises. However, teens also learn the value of good citizenship and leadership.

The Tiger-Rock Difference

Many parents in the Tyler area that have enrolled their kids into our martial arts classes have seen tremendous change. Some of the things parents have told us include:

Seeing their child become more confident.

As they learn martial arts and excel in lessons and belt exams, students will experience a growth in self-confidence.

Their child has more focus and discipline.

A key part of martial arts is following directions and respecting authority. Parents often tell us that they notice that they don’t have to ask their kids repeatedly to complete a task. Even more, some parents report that they have seen an improvement in their child’s behavior overall.

Keeping their child active and healthy.

Martial arts is an activity that encourages physical fitness. Within our lessons, kids are constantly on the move through out the drills. As a result, kids manage to stay active and healthy.

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