Bella Terra Martial Arts

When looking for the best Bella Terra Martial Arts in Houston, you need reliable instructors. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts provides quality martial arts training for students of all ages. During these training programs, we teach offensive and defensive techniques for competitions and real-world scenarios. With the right direction and quality equipment, you can become the best martial artist you can be.

As a Taekwondo school, we emphasize defensive training so that you and your child are protected. Our martial arts classes focus on giving you the edge you need both on and off the mat. We focus on teaching our students everything they need to know to become responsible and respectable adults. This means also teaching them essential social skills that will determine what kind of person they want to be. We’ll train them to understand the value of self-control and focus.

Other martial arts schools will say that they can teach your child how to master in mere months. While appealing, it is simply not possible. Becoming a master at anything takes years of hard work and dedication. There is no easy path to mastery. With that said, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts offers Taekwondo courses that expand every age group.

We want to get your child started early on to develop their skills and reach mastery faster. While it will take years, the result is where your child grows up into a responsible and healthy adult. We instill essential life lessons, social skills, and healthy habits into your children while training them for self-defense. So check out our flexible schedule and find the time that works for you. When you do, don’t wait to join the best Bella Terra Martial Arts program in Houston.

Bella Terra Martial Arts

We offer an amazing martial arts program for children!

Bella Terra Martial Arts For All Age Groups

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is a martial arts gym that spans across the country. We teach quality Taekwondo to all ages and skill levels. Our black belt trainers are all eager and excited to assist you in being the best you possible. Our goal is to provide everything our students need for physical self-improvement. Along the way, our students will also develop the necessary social skills for essential human development. We want you to reach your own goals as well. If you don’t have any or can’t set one, we can help find one to work on.

All of our instructors are certified to teach Taekwondo to all of our students. We push to instill in our students with self-confidence, awareness, discipline, and esteem. When you understand these concepts and achieve proper self-control, everything in life becomes more comfortable. Alongside their social development, they will also improve their physical fitness, health, and wellness. We help our students through positive reinforcement and guidance.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts wants to assist our students to the best of their abilities. No matter your reason for seeking self-betterment, you can count on us to get you there. We provide all the right tools for your improvement. This includes all of the necessary equipment and direction, as well as teaching self-discipline and focus.

Taekwondo Programs We Offer

No matter what age you are, we provide a Taekwondo program for everyone. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts brings you courses for children and adults, respectively. With these classes, we offer a chance to make yourself the best version of yourself. We help you find the strength in yourself to overcome any obstacle you come across in life. Our trainers stay with you every step to make sure you stick with your training. From fundamentals to strength training, we aid you in getting ready for the real world.

The child programs lay the foundation on which their skills will develop. Our adult sessions focus on building your body up and fine-tuning the techniques you have learned. Once the younger students understand and master the basics, they can move onto the adult course or train independently. Once they have the tools for self-improvement, all that’s left is for them to decide to use them.

Cubs Program

For the best start for your four and five-year-olds, we offer the Cubs Taekwondo program. In this class, we begin your child’s training with the most basic movement, balance, and coordination. The idea is to teach them the essentials for future courses. Once they lay a solid groundwork for themselves, they can work on critical social skills. Your child will learn how to treat their fellow students and how to treat others growing up.

In this introductory course, your child will learn what they need to prepare for the next time. We aid your child through every step of this course, giving them all of the encouragement and guidance they need. These sessions last 30 minutes and go over all of the basics of Taekwondo.

Junior Program

Our students ranging from six to ten years of age, our Junior Taekwondo program is perfect for further development. During this program, we begin training with speed and agility drills and practicing stances and form. We then practice with striking, sparring, and kicking exercises to help with your technique. All of this is made more comfortable with the previous training, and this course expands on the Cubs program.

With the extensive 40 to 45 minute training, your child will learn far more than they did in the Cubs program. Also, we introduce them to self-defense and anti-bullying training and concepts to deal with it in real life.

Bella Terra Martial Arts

Bella Terra Martial Arts

Youth Program

Once your child is 12 to 15 years old, they become eligible for our Youth Taekwondo program. In these sessions, we hone our students’ skills and begin to focus on strength and conditioning. We utilize exercises to increase core strength and speed for more effective strikes and kicks. We also emphasize competitions to test your progress.

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Bella Terra Martial Arts

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