Cinco Ranch TX TaeKwonDo Near Me

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has Cinco Ranch TX TaeKwonDo Near Me. We are the leading TaeKwonDo franchise in Katy. For over 20 years, we have taught our students of all ages the incredibly rewarding martial arts discipline. About TaeKwonDo

Korean for “The way (Do) of the foot (Tae) and fist (Kwon),” TaeKwonDo developed in the decade following World War II. It takes influence from several different Korean and Chinese martial arts traditions, Taekkyon, Subak, Gwonbeop, and Okinawan karate. We emphasize jumping, head high, and spinning kicks, sidekicks, and striking.

Cinco Ranch TX TaeKwonDo Near Me

We offer an amazing martial arts program for children!

Kids and Teen TaeKwonDo Classes

Our Tiger-Cubs Program is for our youngest students, from ages 4 to 6. In this early childhood development training, we work on symmetrical movements, balance, and coordination.

The Junior class is for kids ages 6 to 10. Here, kids can participate in agility drills, martial arts exercises, kicking and striking drills, and sparring. TaeKwonDo is a perfect match for children at this age. It teaches how to channel positive energy into the proper avenues. They learn self-defense techniques and anti-bullying education.

Our Teen martial arts classes, consisting of students from ages 12 to 15 years old. During these formative years, these lessons develop character, leadership, and discipline. They can take on the physical challenge of the workout and are happy to rise to it. All the high-energy drills and sparring at your Cinco Ranch TX TaeKwonDo Near Me is a perfect after-school routine.

Adult TaeKwonDo Classes

From ages 16 and up, you join our adult classes. Here, we combine the latest physical fitness training with the Korean tradition of TaeKwonDo. Our lessons consist of stretching, endurance, and warm-ups, conditioning, core and strength training, striking, kicking drills, blocking drills, and sparring. We design our classes to:

  • Improve overall physical fitness
  • Increase flexibility
  • Work on speed and agility
  • Teach self-discipline
  • Boost cardiovascular health
  • Train mental toughness and self-discipline
  • Build self-respect and confidence
  • Sharpen focus and concentration
  • Work and reduce stress.

The Mental and Physical Benefits of TaeKwonDo

The benefits of practicing TaeKwonDo are numerous. They are as direct as improved physical health and strength. But the sport and art also noticeably improve aspects such as focus and concentration. Taekwondo is a martial art that aims to build character foremost.


Honor, humility, perseverance, respect, and loyalty are the Tiger-Rock Martial Arts’ discipline’s fundamental tenets. TaeKwonDo requires discipline and trains it in our students. The rigorous training and restraint we practice build self-respect.

Physical Fitness

Our lessons will usually consist of kicking and striking drills and speed targets. And to practice head-height kicks and stretches, you practice and increase flexibility. The repetitive practice of each drill creates muscle memory and heightens motor skills, coordination, and balance.

Calisthenics Strength and conditioning drills go along with our martial arts training. It includes everything you may expect: push-ups, sit-ups, etc. They are an essential requirement for a disciplined and controlled mind and body and must have the upper and lower body strength to perform the sport.

As a full-body workout, involvement in TaeKwonDo is an improvement in overall physical fitness. The continued activity for the forty-five minute to hour-long classes is enough to help build cardiovascular health. But, of course, we pair running and endurance drills as warm-ups as well.

Cooperation and Competition

Not just a martial art, TaeKwonDo is a sport. Since 2000, it has been an Olympic sport. There are significant tournaments organized by the World TaeKwonDo Federation and the International Taekwon-Do Federation. We have three annual competitions in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. And our classes are ideal for training for regional, state, and national tournaments yourself.

Our classes have our students work with one another to better themselves, switch off, and set up drills. The competitive spirit in the dojo causes them to strive for more while building each other up. And when you get to sparring, the fire of competition between one another breeds camaraderie.


Perhaps the most significant benefit of practicing TaeKwonDo that you should take to heart is how it builds a person’s integrity. One might hope to achieve the discipline and mental and physical benefits through TaeKwonDo can only be achieved by being honest with oneself. You can not cheat your way to results, so you hold yourself accountable for your outcomes.

Also, TaeKwonDo is an art of self-defense. We teach techniques to defend oneself and self-restraint as opposed to aggravation or assault. The goal is to control and subdue any aggression in both an attacker and oneself. It teaches upright and moral dealings in practice.

Cinco Ranch TX TaeKwonDo Near Me

Receive the best martial arts training in the area!


It is essential to recognize that bullying can happen to anyone and anywhere, in school, the neighborhood, or online. And it is a traumatic experience and a constant source of anxiety for a child, tearing down self-esteem, concept, and confidence. This type of flawed self-assessment causes people to withdraw from others, including friends and family. Bullying needs to be understood as a difficult situation.

But it is also surmountable. Enrolling in a martial art is an excellent way to give your child the tools to deal with a bully. As previously stated, TaeKwonDo is a study in self-defense and self-restraint, so this is not a lesson in violence. Skills like stances, tone, and diction that convey confidence can help avoid an escalated situation. However, if a bully does create a dangerous situation, your child will know how to defend themselves.

Our anti-bullying education teaches three key facets: awareness, communication, and self-defense. Understanding is a tool like not traveling alone, and communication is not keeping the bullying to oneself. And, of course, the TaeKwonDo itself provides the last line of defense, self-defense.

Cinco Ranch TX TaeKwonDo Near Me

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Cinco Ranch Fun Facts

  • The settling of Cinco Ranch started in 1820
  • In 2003 Newland Communities bought 1,828 acres of land for Cinco Ranch.
  • We are home to La Centerra, and Katy Mills is right down I-10.
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Cinco Ranch TX TaeKwonDo Near Me

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