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martial arts, in general, have so many benefits to offer. Take control of your life and learn special skills like self-defense, how to acquire an indomitable spirit, and how to enhance your overall physical fitness.

How Karate Benefits Children

If you are looking for the perfect after school activity for your children, consider getting them into our kids martial art or teens programs. The earlier your children learn the principles of Karate or Taekwondo, the more advanced they will be in communication and other aspects of their life. Although the following are just a few of the benefits offered to children and teens, students of all ages can benefit from martial arts in the same ways.

  • Keeps Children Active. Consistent activity weekly can improve your child’s health. Additionally, martial arts can help them develop their strength, coordination, and balance early on prone to an adult student.
  • Builds Confidence. Learning new skills and progressing to new levels can enhance a child’s confidence. Furthermore, students must learn to work together to practice skills such as humility. They might even be asked to assist other students in learning specific techniques.
  • Goal Setting: Most types of martial arts have a belt ranking system that children or students, in general, must work through. This allows them to set goals to help motivate them to progress to the next level.
  • Acquiring Listening Skills. Respecting authority and your peers is a crucial part of martial arts. Children must learn to listen and follow instructions to acquire new knowledge and learn new moves.
  • Encourages Humility and Teamwork. Martial arts is considered to be an individual sport, but there are many opportunities for students to exhibit teamwork. Being a part of a program creates a sense of belonging and can even help build lifelong relationships.

Other Types of Martial Arts


This form umbrellas many fighting types, from martial arts-inspired aerobics routine to ancient Muay Thai. Unlike other martial art forms, elbows and knees are not permitted. This sport is usually a combination of boxing and Karate that includes strikes using only the hands and the feet.


The concept of Aikido is to use the offender’s energy against them to gain control. The student accomplishes this by a series of throws or joint locks. Additionally, similar to judo, this form is considered a grappling art that requires much less physical strength.


Bet you didn’t think that this popular sport would make a list, but boxing is, in fact, a martial art. This sport dates back to Egypt around 3,000 B.C. Additionally, this type of defense training does not permit hitting below the belt or using the feet. As a result, the student will build up upper-body strength, which can help detain or knockout the offender.

Krav Maga

The translation for this unique art form is “contact combat” in Hebrew and strives for concurrent defense and attacks. The practice was developed in Israel and involves wrestling, grappling, and striking techniques. Additionally, it is known for its extreme brutal counter-attacks used to keep the practitioner safe and detain offender by any means.


This unique martial art originated in Brazil in the 16th-19th century and is combined with fighting, dance, and constant movement. Historically Capoeira was

Martial Arts Training Katy Texas

Karate near me 77449

developed as a way for African slaves to hide their combat training with dance.

Things to Know About Martial Arts

  • The term martial arts means the art of Mars. Many believe that the idea of the term “martial arts” first appeared for the first time in the English language. Furthermore, it comes from the word “bu-gei” or “bu-jutsu,” which translates to the “art or solution of the military matters.”
  • Bruce Lee is one of the most influential martial artists in history. The martial artist parted ways far too soon but has left an incredible mark on the world when it comes to Chinese martial arts. Additionally, he was the creator of his own discipline, which is called “Jeet Kune Do.” This translates to “the way of the intercepting fist.” The overall tenet (principle) of this form is “using no way as way; having no limitation as limitation.”
  • Those who have ADHD can benefit from any martial art form. Martial arts are centered around focus, self-discipline, and setting goals. In reality, just these elements alone can improve an individual who suffers from time to time from ADHD.
  • Ancient Japan had female warriors called Onna-bugeisha, which would fight alongside the Samurai in times of war. Sadly, they began to lose their importance in the 17th century.
  • During the filming of the Bond film, “Never say never again,” Sean Connery angered his martial arts instructor. This led to the instructor, Steven Seagal, to break his wrist.

Karate Influence in the Anime World

This style of the cartoon is known around the world for its heavy Japanese influence. There is also a lot of martial arts and meditation symbolism in this style of cartoon

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Keep yourself safe by taking Self-defense classes.

as well. Anime series such as “Legend of Korra” shows a lot of imagery related to meditating and being in tune with oneself.

Other series like “Naruto” shows the main character learning how to prove himself as a leader. With that, he must learn martial art forms such as jiu-jitsu. Furthermore, there are many other great anime series that have great messages that portray a lot of the principles you would learn practicing martial arts.

Karate near me 77449

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Katy is here to support you and your family in the Katy area and the surrounding Houston area. We offer several martial arts training programs, including our tiger cub program for toddlers, a second child and teen program, and an adult martial arts training program. Remember, no matter the age, anyone can be a student. Give us a call at (281) 829-9300 if you are searching for karate near me 77449. 

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