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for everyone to benefit from. We provide classes for kids, teens, and adult students. In reality, there are many benefits when it comes to practicing karate. Additionally, these advantages include discipline, social skills, self-defense skills, and physical health.

The Origin of Karate

There is much debate over when exactly karate was developed. The general term has been used to umbrella many different art forms. Karate is believed to have been derived from Japan. The former term for karate was Okinawan Karate.

According to the Okinawan legend, karate started with a Buddhist monk by the name of Daruma. Legend has it that the great man came from India. The monk traveled across the Himalayan Mountains from India to the Shaolin Temple in Honan, a province in China. It was there, where he began to teach other monks his philosophies of physical and mental conditioning. Additionally, legend has it that his teachings were accompanied by exercises. Furthermore, these activities were for maintaining physical strength and self-defense.

It was fully developed from indigenous fighting methods called “Te,” which translates as hand. Karate is a striking art form that utilizes the punch, the kick, knee, elbow strikes. This Martial art also uses a lot of open-handed techniques such as “knife-hands,” better known as the “karate chop.” Additionally, grappling, joint locks, restraints, throws, and vital point strikes can all be taught in many styles. The term karateka is what you call a karate student.

Other Martial Art Forms

Aikido: originating in Japan, this art form is performed by flowing with the motion of the offender. Rather than fighting straight-on, the practitioner directs the attacker’s force on to them.  The student accomplishes this by entering and turning motions.  Additionally, various throws or joint locks typically follow.

Jiu-Jitsu: is also a Japanese martial art that was created for defeating an armed and armored opponent. The practitioner will use no weapon or only a small one. Additionally, the student will neutralize any enemy with pins, throws, joint locks. This is another martial art form that focuses on using the offender’s energy against him/her.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts): is a full-contact sport. MMA  permits several fighting styles in practice. Martial and non-martial arts techniques accompany this unique art. Striking and grappling techniques are a part of the practice, either standing or on the ground. Additionally, the sport began with traditional styles. Then the art transitioned and became multiple styles combined into one.

Taekwondo: is a Korean art of self-defense, one of the oldest forms of martial arts. It is one of the most prevalent martial arts today. Additionally, the practices involve learning a system of blocks, kicks, punches, and open-hand strikes.

Taekwondo also incorporates the many forms of take-downs, throws, and joint locks. All of these exercises enhance strength, speed, balance, flexibility, and stamina.

Krav Maga: developed in Israel, the practice involves wrestling, grappling, and striking techniques. These exercises are popular for efficient and brutal counter-attacks, which keep the practitioner safe. This means detaining the offender at all costs.

The Benefits of Karate

  • Total Body Workout: many martial arts require extreme fitness. The ancient sport provides a full-body workout. As a result, karate enhances cardiovascular capabilities, muscular toning, and stamina.
  • Improves Response Time and Coordination: As students grow throughout the program, many

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    techniques and movements are a requirement. With that, the individual will automatically react better. Students will also acquire balance and be able to move about more gracefully.

  • Builds Muscle: By learning this art form,  you can improve the amount of muscle mass in your body. Karate strengthens and develops almost every muscle you can think of in the body.
  • Enhances Flexibility: Typically, a karate class involves about 15-20 minutes of warming up and stretching exercises. Stretching is essential before participating in any sport or fitness. Furthermore, movements such as stretching and kicking, increase muscle and joint flexibility. Overtime many postures, exercises, and movements will become easier to perform.
  • Energy Boost: Studies show that karate assists in helping you feel more energetic and alert over time. Furthermore, the more one takes in oxygen, the more our lung capacity increases with the training.
  • Helps With Self-Esteem: Karate instills confidence by teaching the students their limitations. Students learn to accomplish this by overcoming fear and by improving the overall image of self.
  • Teaches Humility: Participating in drills, sparring, and karate training can help the student learn how to be humble. Yes, you might be a great student, but there are plenty that is better as well. Karate does not encourage the ego but instead the spirit.

Things to Know About Martial Arts

  • The original style of karate is Okinawan. At first, it was a simple yet rough fighting style. As time progressed, the moves were perfected and presented to the martial arts masters.
  • Karate lessons can be extremely beneficial to those who suffer from ADHD. Furthermore, this practice can be used as an outlet to release excess energy and turn it into something healthy and beneficial.
  • Bruce Lee, the famous actor, is one of the most influential martial artists in history. This was so because he was responsible for introducing Chinese martial art to the world.
  • Many of the martial arts practiced today are derived from China, Japan, and Korea.

Karate near me 77450

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