Martial Arts Classes Near Me Katy Tx

Have you ever wondered where you can find Martial Arts Classes Near Me Katy Tx? Indeed, as a parent, you have growing concerns about the bullying problems across the schools in our country. Unfortunately, bullying does not just affect school-aged children; it’s everywhere. Even adults face a certain amount of bullying in their social circles and workplace. For that reason, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is here to prepare everyone for a very traumatic experience. Bullying can lead to anxiety, which can be down right de-habilitating.

Martial Arts Classes Near Me Katy Tx

We offer an amazing martial arts program for children!

Battling Anxiety

Anxiety is defined as intense, excessive, and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. Physical symptoms of anxiety include fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, and exhaustion. Martial Arts Classes Near Me Katy Tx aims to enrich every student’s life, no matter the age. Anxiety happens to the best of us, but unless you face it head on with the right training, it just might haunt you throughout your life. Your certified trainer can build a routine to combat this issue. Anxiety does not have to inhibit your life, and above all, you can control pressure before it controls you.

Martial Art is a Lifestyle

Taekwondo is just one of many forms of martial arts practiced throughout the country. When you decide to learn Taekwondo, it is the beginning of a personal life journey that will positively affect your lifestyle and enrich your well-being.

What is Taekwondo, you ask? It is a Korean martial art developed in the years following World War II. It is a portmanteau of three Korean words – the meaning foot, Kwon meaning fist or fight and do meaning way. Taekwondo takes from various ancient Korean and Chinese traditions as well as the Okinawan practice of karate. It is one of the world’s most popular martial arts, and it is the core form of martial arts taught at all Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Classes Near Me Katy Tx.

Features & Benefits of Taekwondo

Taekwondo emphasizes various kicks, including head height, jumping, spinning, side, and striking. A typical lesson includes drills like kicking, memorable, and speed targets. This form of physical discipline will set up a student to improve motor skills and flexibility. To balance out the workout, we include calisthenics and various other strengthening drills, which will help boost your ability to advance in your training. This form of physical fitness is for everyone.

Taekwondo benefits people of all ages, even kids as young as pre-school. This style of discipline sets the child up for better bones and muscles, and as a result, their coordination and balance improve. Children learn at an early age how to respect authority while staying focused and self-disciplined. The Tiger-Rock system emphasizes good citizenship and takes great pride in molding today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders.

Martial Arts Classes Near Me Katy Tx

Martial Arts Classes Near Me Katy Tx

The Sport of Taekwondo

Did you know Taekwondo is a sport? Over the years, this martial art has evolved, and now there are local, regional and national Taekwondo tournaments. At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Classes Near Me Katy Tx we encourage students to maximize their taekwondo training experience through the spirit of competition. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is one of the leading taekwondo academies in the state, and as a member of Tiger-Rock, you have access to any Texas location!

The Tiger-Rock staff are certified in Taekwondo and are here to make your personal experience just that – personal. Each instructor works at your pace and on your level while you control how fast you advance. Our instructors thrive on making your martial arts experience unique and memorable. This is your journey of change, both physically and mentally. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Classes Near Me Katy Tx provide students with instructors with continuing education so that they can bring you the latest in techniques.

Transforming the Family Unit

Indeed, adults can hit the gym and drop off their kindergartners at the gym’s daycare, but what if there was a place where the entire family unit could grow together? What if adults and kids alike sat out on a personal journey with certified private instructors to grow individually and as a family? Tiger-Rock Martial Arts upholds the values of citizenship and leadership and helps families grow together. There is no other place like Tiger-Rock that will cater to the growth of the family’s physical and mental well-being as a unit.

Martial Arts Classes Near Me Katy Tx

When you need Martial Arts Classes Near Me Katy Tx, visit Tiger-Rock to learn how you can begin classes. We pride ourselves on giving each participant a change to learn self-defense. Give us a call at (281) 202-3713 today to learn how we can help you. Or visit the website to read into our locations and services.

Tiger-Rock is your Martial Arts Classes Near Me Katy Tx!

Katy Fun Facts:

  • Katy’s main industry was rice but was also known for peanuts, cotton, and gas.
  • The Name Katy comes from the “K-T Railroad” that runs through the city.
  • Hundreds of geese and wild birds migrate to Katy TX each year. There are many statues of geese around Katy.
  • For more information about Katy, Tx, visit the city’s website!
Martial Arts Classes Near Me Katy Tx

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