Veteran Owned and Operated

Welcome to McKinney’s neighborhood martial arts academy

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is conveniently located for those in McKinney, Plano, Allen, Princeton, and Prosper. Our taekwondo and martial arts organization is the perfect place for children, teens, and adults to learn new skills and become more fit. Just like all of our locations, McKinney is equipped with knowledgeable instructors who genuinely care about your progress and goals. Instructors help you overcome challenges by providing insightful direction. Completing such challenges is rewarding and beneficial at a physical, mental, and emotional level. Contact our location today in order to learn more about class times or ask us questions regarding a program.

A members-first martial arts academy

As a veteran owned-and-operated business, our philosophy is simple: we’re here to serve our members. That’s why we do NOT have long-term contracts, which makes us unique among many martial arts schools in the area. We want you to train and grow at your own pace in our academy.

A Member-First Experience

We are a veteran owned-and-operated martial arts academy that has helped hundreds of students improve their life skills, self-defense skills, and physical fitness through our world-class martial arts training program.

Get started at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of McKinney

Start your journey to compete with the best, defend against the unexpected, and advance to achieve your goals at our McKinney academy. We’re located on Virginia Parkway at Stonebridge Drive, right next to Bank of America.

Kids Martial Arts Classes

  • Taekwondo lessons can help your child develop focus, discipline, and confidence.
  • Martial arts keeps your child physically active, helping them become stronger and healthier
  • Tiger-Rock Martial Arts provides a safe and welcoming environment that’s fun and engaging
  • Our instructors off years of experience in martial arts training and child development
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Adult Martial Arts Training

  • Lose weight, burn calories, and give your health a boost with a high-intensity workout
  • Improve your mental toughness, sharpen your focus, and reduce stress
  • Learn real-world self-defense skills that will help you be prepared for the unexpected
  • Engage and have fun in a fun, competitive, and challenging environment
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Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of McKinney is a veteran owned-and-operated academy

We are proud to be a veteran owned-and-operated martial arts academy. The experience our ownership team gained in the military helps us provide a training experience that is focused, disciplined, and rewarding for all of our members.

Begin the journey to black belt today at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

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