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McKinney, Texas Martial Arts

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is conveniently located for those in McKinney, Plano, Allen, Princeton, and Prosper. Our Taekwondo and martial arts organization is the perfect place for children, teens, and adults to learn new skills and become more fit. Just like all of our locations, McKinney is equipped with knowledgeable instructors who genuinely care about your progress and goals. Instructors help you overcome challenges by providing insightful direction. Completing such challenges is rewarding and beneficial at a physical, mental, and emotional level. Contact our location today in order to learn more about class times or ask us questions regarding a program.

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Meet Our Certified Instructor Team

Once you enroll in a program at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, you are lead by knowledgable, professional, and friendly instructors. Many of our instructors train year-round in order to keep their minds sharp. Instructors also stay updated on the latest martial art training techniques, so they can deliver effective learning experiences.













Why Choose Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has several unique qualities, but here are three we believe are standouts among the rest.

Self-Defense Training

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts combines the latest fitness methods with modern martial arts. This combination creates an effective self-defense training program you can use to save your life or others’ lives. Students within our child programs learn anti-bullying techniques and stranger awareness methods.

Social and Cultural Enrichment

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts’ culture is a mixed bag of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. You can expect exposure to a variety of different people, which helps you make new relationships and learn more about people.

One-of-a-Kind Experience

Not everyone can say they have completed a martial arts program. The skills you learn within our program will travel with you for the rest of your life. For that reason, your experience here at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is special.

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Our Programs

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has programs for children, teenagers, and adults. Each age group has their own set of benefits and skills they can obtain.


The skills and benefits you will obtain in the Adults program include improved focus, self-defense training, stress-relief, leadership skills, improved self-esteem, and greater fitness.


Teenagers are developing into adults, so they must develop skills they can carry into the future. Students within this program learn how to become leaders, boost their confidence, and become good citizens.


For children between the ages of 6 and 11, the Juniors program teaches different types of strikes and kicks. This program further educates students on strangers and bullies. The foundation of self-defense starts in this program.


The Kids program is for children between the ages of 4 and 6. Instructors teach students symmetrical movements, which improves balance and coordination. Anti-bullying and stranger awareness methods are an essential cornerstone.

Adult, teen, and kids martial arts in McKinney, TX

Tiger Rock Martial Arts of McKinney features four programs for different age groups — the Tiger Cubs for early ages, the Juniors for elementary and middle school kids, the Teens program for junior high and high school students, and the Adults program.

Tiger Rock Martial Arts of McKinney is located on 7250 Virginia Parkway near Stonebridge Drive in western McKinney, just minutes away from North Central Expressway and the Sam Rayburn Tollway. We’ll see you on the mat!

Train Your Way

  • Choose Your Time

    Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has flexible scheduling to work around your busy routine. In order to help you reap the benefits of martial arts, we offer classes in the afternoons, evenings, and on Saturdays.

  • Choose Your Pace

    Instructors encourage you to train at your own pace. So, do not stress or worry about taking more time than others. We want you to train at your own pace.

  • Choose Your Place

    Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has locations all over the country, so you can schedule a class while out of town. All members of Tiger-Rock are welcome at all dojos. Simply call the location and set up a time.