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Allen TX Karate Near Me

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts are teaching Allen TX Karate near me. We have several different classes specifically designed for their age group. And our Masters Thibodeaux and Vidal are 4th dan black belts and certified instructors. The rest of our instructors to enjoy and look forward to continuing to pass down their knowledge and training in McKinney, TX.

Allen TX Karate Near Me

Tiger-Rock primarily teaches a martial art based on Taekwondo, a relatively new Korean fighting style. Tae Kwon Do means “the Way (Do) of the Foot (Tae) and the Fist (Kwon).” It distinguishes itself through spinning, side, and head-height kicks and striking.

Allen TX Karate Near Me

Taekwondo came about during the post-War era. The Japanese occupation of Korea forced dojos to go underground. When the occupation ended in the late 40s and 50s, old Chines and Korean arts began practicing in the open. A blend of martial artists practicing these traditional arts, including Taekkyon, Gwonbeop, Subak, and Okinawan Karate, made what we call Taekwondo today.

But today, Taekwondo is not only a martial art but also a competitive sport. As a matter of fact, it is the national sport of both Koreas.

Furthermore, as of 2000, it is in the Olympic games. Korea set up the World TaeKwonDo Federation’s headquarters, Kukkiwon, and the World TaeKwonDo Academy in Seoul. The WTF and International TaeKwonDo Federation both hold their major tournaments. Seventy million athletes worldwide participate in the sport.

About Karate

On the other hand, Karate is a much older fighting style. Its origins take place in the Ryukyu Kingdom, now the Okinawa Prefecture in Japan. It was greatly influenced by the Fujian White Crane style of Kung Fu. Karate emphasizes open-handed strikes and knife-hands, punching, kicking, and elbow and knee jabs.

After the Japanese annexed Okinawa, Karate became popular in University clubs, making its way to the main island. Later, during the Okinawa Islands’ US occupation after the War, service members took it back to the states. From the Karate movies of the 60s and 70s, Karate’s popularity spread worldwide. And now, we have Tiger-Rock’s Allen TX Karate near me.

Our Kid and Teen Classes

It is important that we learn next to our peers. Learning like this helps us stay engaged, not ever get bored, and keep up. We can teach what is most pertinent at the time too.


We call our youngest group Tiger-Cubs. They range from four to six years old, and here, they learn skills crucial for early childhood development. They learn symmetrical movements, fine motor skills, balance, coordination, and Karate forms through repetition.

Allen TX Karate Near Me

Our instructors also get the opportunity to pass down life lessons about following instructions, respecting your seniors, and paying attention.

Where they get more time to have fun with their friends, they learn socialization skills and sportsmanship. We think these half-hour karate classes can be some of the most fun they will have all week.


From six to eleven years of age, we teach students in a separate class. At this age, kids are probably most excited about learning a martial art. Besides, they can now learn many of the kicks, strikes, and forms we want to teach. Now that they can get down these skills with precision, we can continue their Tiger-Cub education.

Also important at this age, we can bring up more serious subjects. Our classes have anti-bullying education, where we teach awareness, communication, and self-defense.

There, we teach avoidance as the first step to any possible dangerous situation. We show how the correct diction, stance, and tone convey confidence and deterring an altercation from happening. Otherwise, they have the tools to help defend themselves and are better equipped for the outside world.


Our students from twelve to fifteen years old can get take climbing up the ranks seriously. They can also take more autonomy in their own training, learning more advanced defensive techniques and forms.

In Allen TX Karate near me, teens work up as much sweat like any other after-school sport. So, Karate can make an excellent extracurricular, teaching leadership and citizenship. And together, our students work with and alongside one another and motivate each other to become the best they can be.

Our Adult Classes

Evening martial arts classes make a convenient workout for after work. Here, we combine Korean Taekwondo with the latest in fitness training. We promise a calorie-burning and heart-pounding routine. Martial arts’ speed and agility will train you to move your whole body in tandem, doing a full-body workout.

The Many Benefits of Karate

The most recognizable and tangible advantage to starting Allen TX Karate near me is what it can do for your body. The workouts truly help in all areas of physical fitness, from flexibility to endurance.

Our stretches before each Karate class flex your limbs and extend their range of motion. Meanwhile, strength and conditioning routines build muscle. And our agility and kicking drills provide cardio and endurance training.

But practicing martial art will also benefit your mental health. You find yourself having better focus, both in and outside the dojo. And your sleep will improve and have a reduction in overall stress. You can expect a stronger mental fortitude.

Competition and Cooperation

As we said, people compete in Taekwondo sparring. But Karate tournaments also exist. In fact, Karate joined Taekwondo in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. And the World Karate Federation holds its own tournaments. You can train for your own place in a tournament at our Allen TX Karate near me classes.Allen TX Karate Near Me

But Tiger-Rock also holds our own Taekwondo tournaments. We have regional, state, and national tournaments in the fall, spring, and summer, respectively.

Contact Us Today!

As you can tell, practicing Karate does a lot for the formation of a person. And all the while, you are having fun.

Through martial arts, you can build your physique and character and participate in competitions.

If you see how Tiger-Rock Martial Arts’ training can benefit you, then contact us today. Call us at (214) 585-0555 or email us through david@trmamckinney.com for Allen TX Karate near me.

Allen Texas Fun Facts:

  • We are a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, approximately twenty miles north of downtown Dallas.
  • Allen was previously home to the Caddo and Comanche peoples.
  • The Houston and Central Texas Railroad established the town.
  • We were named after Ebenezer Allen, a state politician, and railroad promoter.
  • For more on our city, visit the city’s website!