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Martial Arts 75069

Are you currently searching for Martial Arts 75069 the contact Tiger-Rock Martial Arts today! We have Martial Arts classes for all ages. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has been developing children and adults 36 years, and we will continue providing the best martial arts experience.

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Martial Arts 75069

History of Taekwondo

For starters, the origins of Taekwondo date back to 1955. Uniquely, the name Taekwondo from multiple Korean words: Tae, Kwon, and Do. Tae means “foot” Kwon means “fist” and Do means “way” Taekwondo is the art of self-defense; this practice dates back 2,000 years. Furthermore, a group of master instructors traveled to America to spread awareness.

The Tiger-Rock Experience

  • Teaches self-defense
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved mental toughness
  • Builds confidence
  • Enhanced focus
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved cardiovascular health

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Training Programs

For starters, at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we aim to provide the best martial arts experience possible. We have very flexible hours that cater to your everyday life. Lastly, your growth is extremely important to us, and our dedicated instructors have designed a program that guarantees mental and physical results.

Secondly, our training programs will improve your overall fitness. Our coaches combine martial arts with the latest in physical fitness. If you are not satisfied with your bodily physique Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is here to help you achieve any goals you set.

Lastly, our training sessions consist of striking drills, kicking, basic martial arts, blocking, strength, and conditioning.

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Tiger Cubs

Tiger Cubs (Ages 4 to 6)

Above all, starting Taekwondo at a young age gives our students a great foundation. Our Tiger-Cubs learn the fundamentals of Taekwondo; they learn drills that carry over to higher-level classes.

Moreover, our cubs learn symmetrical movements that improve balance and coordination. Lastly, we want to create a fun and engaging learning environment. These classes typically last 30 minutes.

Juniors (Ages 6-11)

During our Junior program, your child will be introduced to striking, kicking, and entry-level sparing. This is our student’s first taste of real Taekwondo; our coaches also continue to incorporate symmetrical movements.

In fact, as our students enter grade school, we like to introduce our juniors to anti-bullying and self-defense technicians. The younger we start this training, the better off our students will be.

Teens (Ages 11-15)

Furthermore, our teen program is very similar to the adult program; we pair advanced Taekwondo with cardio and core strengthening exercises. Furthermore, our teens experience a lot of growth during their teenage years.

Here at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, our coaches focus on character development, leadership, and citizenship. In addition, Teen classes include functional fitness training, striking, kicking, sparring, and speed and agility drills.

These high-intensity classes last 40 to 45 minutes. Lastly, we encourage our teens to enrich their experience through competition.

Child Development

For starters, Our martial arts programs revolve around child development. Our distinct training programs are tailored to each age group. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts students learn how to become a dependable leader through self-discipline and self-confidence.

Secondly, we take the time to teach our students anti-bullying and self-defense techniques. Lastly, our students can vouch for us when we say our martial arts program improves your ability to focus, accomplish goals, and achieve your physical fitness goals.

Anti-Bullying Education

Furthermore, our students are very familiar with bullying. In today’s world, bullying is everywhere; schools, the internet, and neighborhoods. Here at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we take a firm stance on bullying; we take the time to educate our students on physical and non-physical tactics to combat a bully.

For starters, bullying can be a very traumatic experience that no child should have to deal with.

Effects on bully-victims:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Poor academic performance
  • Changes in eating habits
  • School avoidance
  • Self-Harm

However, your child can overcome bullying by enrolling in Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. Furthermore, We will properly educate your child on how to handle a bully and free themselves from the deconstructions a bully can cause.

Secondly, we teach our students how to combat a bully. Parents, rest assure that Tiger-Rock Martial Arts does not promote violence. Instead, we equip our students with non-physical tactics to combat a bully. These tactics include stance, diction, and tone.

Lastly, your child will be taught critical self-defense skills and techniques. If a bully does decide to escalate the situation, your child will be equipped with the tools to respond and defend themselves.

What Tactics Do We Teach at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts?

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts also teaches three key tactics to combat a bully; awareness, communication, and self-defense.

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We have programs for all ages, backgrounds, and genders!


We view awareness is the most effective form of bullying prevention. Being aware is beneficial when dealing with a bully; we teach our students tips that include:

  • Avoid isolation when a bully is present. Bullies are more likely to target a student if they’re alone.
  • Students should walk in groups.
  • Ignoring the bully and walking away can prevent the situation from escalating.
  • Do not keep the bullying a secret. This will only make it harder for a child to enjoy their life. We advise and encourage students to tell an adult, friends, or someone they trust about the bullying.

Furthermore, we encourage our students to be leaders and good citizens. Secondly, we educate our students on what to do if they see a peer being bullied.

  • Speak up! Bullies will not stop if nobody speaks up.
  • Do not become a bully or join the bully out of fear.
  • Always report the bullying to an authority.


Most importantly, anyone who is dealing with a bully should communicate with someone about being bullied. Bullying may be the worst kept secret for your child.

In addition, communication is a very effective anti-bullying tactic. At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we equipped our students with tools to combat a bully. Lastly, we encourage our students to use a firm and confident stance, tone, poise, and diction to build confidence.


The ability to defend you and your loved ones should never be overlooked. Our world is very unpredictable, and you never know when you’ll be faced with a physical altercation.

Besides, knowing you can defend yourself will put your mind at ease. Taekwondo is a self-defense practice that engages the body and mind. Lastly, our instructors will train your body and mind, and our goal is to mentally prepare you for the unexpected and provide you with the tools to deescalate a physical threat.

Martial Arts 75069

In conclusion, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts gives children and adults an excellent opportunity to learn and master martial arts. With that being said, give us a call at (214) 585-0555 and stop looking for “Martial Arts 75069“.

McKinney, TX Fun Facts:

  1. Our namesake is Collin McKinney, one of the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence.
  2. We are located thirty miles north of downtown Dallas.
  3. In 2014, Money Magazine ranked us as the #1 Best Place to live in America.
  4. For more on McKinney, click here.