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McKinney TX Taekwondo Schools

McKinney TX Taekwondo Schools have a long history of preparing kids and adults with the proper use of self-defense. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that uses kicks as the majority of the art form while punches support them. Here at Tiger Rock McKinney, we have experts with years of experience teaching taekwondo to students. 

Our instructors stand hand in hand with the students and spar with them to test their skills. Martial arts are great for giving kids structure in their life while also learning valuable skills. Adults learn the same as the kids but train with other moves and techniques.

 All of our instructors are ranking black belts that will lead students in refining their skills and techniques. Brought to you by Tiger Rock McKinney, we are going to highlight the benefits of joining our taekwondo school.

McKinney TX Taekwondo Schools

Our taekwondo classes are open to students as young as 4!

McKinney TX Taekwondo Schools

There are many benefits to choosing Tiger Rock McKinney as your martial arts school. For starters, we don’t limit our students to just one form of martial arts. It is common in many dojos to only specialize in Karate or Jiu-Jitsu, or Tae Kwon Do. However, here at Tiger-Rock, we offer them all. What’s more, our programs are available to students of all ages and all skill levels. 

Exercise is Strength

Exercise is a daily routine at Tiger Rock McKinney. Keeping physically fit during sessions is key. A few of the exercises involved in our martial arts classes are kicks and strikes. Punching bags are part of the exercise but also used for the training of specific martial art moves.

 Practicing sidekicks, back kicks, and jump kicks are some of the core elements of Taekwondo. Students also spar against each other in each session at the dojo. These sparring sessions help students hone their skills and techniques while also motivating each other to become better.

Instructors also take part in sparring and aid students along with improving their techniques. Students also are able to participate in tournaments that are against other dojos. We believe that healthy competition is good for each student to see where they’re currently at and where they aim to be, skill-wise.

Tae Kwon Do programs in McKinney

Enroll today and work your way up from a white belt.

 Tiger-Rock Taekwondo Belt Advancement

Advancement to the next belt has to be proven to the master and instructors of the dojo. Belt colors range from white to green to red to black. Belt degree goes from 1st Dan to 9th Dan. The term Dan refers to denoting a black belt status. There are oaths for each belt and stances that must be memorized.

 Stance movements are structured body movements that are used as a tool to help students with techniques. Stances must be done flawlessly in a rhythmic manner in front of the master and the headmaster in the final test. Breaking wooden boards with kicks is another test of technique and skill. 

Depending on the rank of the student, boards may go from a single board to three boards stacked. The student must kick through all three boards to be considered for belt advancement. 

Belt Hierarchy

The adults have more of a challenge than the kids do to the level of skill and technique they have to show. The belt hierarchy is white, yellow, gold, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, red, and black. These orders signify that white is the beginner belt and black is the highest rank. TO learn more about the belt system and what skills and lessons must be taught before progressing, speak with our team. 

McKinney TX Taekwondo Schools

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If you are looking for McKinney Texas Taekwondo Schools, then stop by Tiger-Rock today. We have been training children and adults in taekwondo for over 20 years. We truly believe that at Tiger Rock McKinney, we are able to grow your physical fitness, social wellness, discipline, focus, and confidence.

Why is Tiger-Rock a leader in taekwondo training? Because we have dedicated instructors that will provide the proper guidance and training on any journey. Our instructors are certified yearly in the latest training. Our team will help you accomplish any goal that you want to succeed. Stop by today and see for yourself the Tiger-Rock experience. Give our expert instructors a call today. They are standing by to answer any question you may have.

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Fun Facts About McKinney

  • McKinney, Texas, is located in Collin County. 
  • Collin McKinney is the city’s namesake.
  • McKinney offers incredible hiking and biking trails
  • To learn more about this great city, why not visit?