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Prosper TX TaeKwonDo

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts teaches Prosper TX TaeKwonDo to students in the area. Our instructors have been giving high-quality lessons in McKinney for over a decade. In fact, Masters Thibodeaux and Vidal are certified instructors and 4th-degree black belts. Besides, the rest of us are just as excited to teach and pass down our principles of self-discipline and self-defense.

Prosper TX TaeKwonDo

Join Tiger-Rock today and work your way up from a white belt.

Prosper TX TaeKwonDo

We designed four classes ourselves for our students of different age groups. It is crucial for kids to be in a class with their peers so they can challenge one another. This way, they do not become bored, stay engaged, and can keep up.


Our youngest students, children from four to six years old, are our Tiger-Cubs. These students work on their early childhood development skills with us, coordination, balance, and symmetrical movements. Through repetition, our Tiger-Cubs learn our forms and their fine motor skills.

Plus, we get to pass down essential lessons like respecting and paying attention to your seniors. And they get more opportunities to hang out with their friends and learn good sportsmanship.

In addition, martial arts is a healthy way to spend that extra energy school can leave you with. Our 30-minute workouts can be the most fun they will have all week.


TaeKwonDo students from ages six to eleven years old learn in our Junior classes. This time is probably the best age to start learning TaeKwonDo. Kids of this age love martial arts, most of all. Besides, they can learn better our kicking and striking techniques, sparring, and forms. And if they were a Tiger-Cub, we can continue their education from where we left off.

Additionally, in this age group, we have the chance to bring up more serious subjects. Our classes include our anti-bullying education and teach valuable lessons about stranger awareness. We leave our students better equipped to deal with the outside world.


Our students from ages twelve to fifteen years old train in our teen classes. Because they can handle a greater level of autonomy, we can teach them more advanced techniques and forms. They can advance higher up the ranks.


TaeKwonDo is an excellent extracurricular activity. It gets in as much of a sweat as any other sport. Also, it instills good citizenship and leadership skills. Together, they motivate one another to be the best they can.

Our Adult Classes

We combine the Korean art of TaeKwonDo with the latest developments in fitness to develop an all-round workout. Our class gives you a heart-pounding, calorie-burning, after-work run for your money. The speed and agility that Prosper TX TaeKwonDo emphasizes in its kicks and strikes force you to move your whole body in tandem.

Prosper TX TaeKwonDo

Our Prosper TX TaeKwonDo classes will teach you various skills such as kicking and striking.

What TaeKwonDo Does for You

TaeKwonDo offers a total workout that hits all components of physical fitness: flexibility, endurance, body composition, muscular strength, and cardio. Our stretching and warm-ups flex your range of motion while our drills build your cardio and endurance. And muscles are built during our strength and conditioning training.

But it also hones the mind. Both in and out of the dojo, you will find your ability to focus increases. Also, working out like this reduces stress, improves sleep, and sharpens the mind. Prosper TX TaeKwonDo will gift you will all-around better mental fortitude.

Competition and Cooperation

You can also choose to compete. Sparring is, after all, an international sport. And we at Tiger-Rock hold three tournaments every year. We have regional, state, and national competitions in the fall, spring, and summer.

But our students also compete and cooperate in our classes. Our students compete while they spar. And they assist each other when setting up each other’s drills. Every day, they are helping their peers become better than they were before.


But, of course, the self-defense aspect is still relevant. By combining our Prosper TX TaeKwonDo with moves from other fighting styles, we teach applicable real-world techniques. Bullying is a serious issue, as it can be a constant source of anxiety and cause trauma for the victim. Our anti-bullying education consists of teaching awareness, communication, and self-defense.


Avoidance is always the first step in our teaching. Ultimately, TaeKwonDo is first and foremost about self-discipline and self-defense. This means practicing self-restraint and non-violence. For example, we teach the correct tone, stance, and diction to convey confidence and avoid escalating a situation. And if they ever find themselves in danger, they will have the tools they need to defend themselves.

Building Character

Taekwondo is more than a sport or a workout. It has a philosophy that goes along with it. The fundamental tenets behind TaeKwonDo are courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit.

The Origin of Tae Kwon Do

The martial arts we teach at Tiger-Rock are primarily based in TaeKwonDo, a relatively new Korean fighting style. TaeKwonDo is stylized by spinning kicks, head-height kicks, sidekicks, and strikes.

TaeKwonDo came out of the post-War 40s and 50s in Korea. The Japanese occupation forced dojos to go underground. Afterward, the older Chinese and Korean traditions like Subak, Taekkyon, Gwonbeop, and the Okinawan Karate were able to practice in the open again. Students blended and what we recognize as TaeKwonDo today formed.

It is not only a fighting style, though. Today, TaeKwonDo is also a sport. In fact, it is the national sport of North and South Korea. Since 2000, it has been a competitive sport in the Olympics. What’s more, the governing body of tournaments, the World TaeKwonDo Federation, has its capital and the World TaeKwonDo Academy, Kukkiwon, in Seoul.

Prosper TX TaeKwonDo

Enroll in Tiger-Rock today for a Tae Kwon Do experience like no other.

As you can tell, an adherent of TaeKwonDo is very happy with oneself. They are very self-disciplined and healthy individuals. At Tiger-Rock, we work hard to give this to all of our students. If you can see all these benefits, TaeKwonDo can provide your character and body, then contact us today to start.

For our Prosper TX TaeKwonDo classes, call us at (214) 585-0555.

Prosper Texas Fun Facts

  • The first settlers arrived in 1846 to grow cotton in the black fertile land.
  • When Postmaster BJ Naugle asked for an alternative name than “Richland” for the new town, JC Slaughter replied with “Prosper.”
  • We hold the annual Prosper Festival with a 5K race, art show, music festival, and worship service.
  • For more about Prosper, why not visit?