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Stonebridge TX TaeKwonDo

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is offering our Stonebridge TX TaeKwonDo classes to any prospective students in the area. Masters Vidal and Thibodeaux have been teaching for over a decade. And each is certified instructors with fourth dan black belts. They and all our instructors take pride in passing down our practice and discipline of physical fitness and Tae Kwon Do.

Stonebridge TX TaeKwonDo

Learn Tae Kwon Do from the experts at Tiger-Rock.

Stonebridge TX TaeKwonDo

Tiger-Rock’s martial art style is primarily based on Tae Kwon Do. It is a relatively new martial art, coming out of post-War Korea. Tae Kwon Do roughly translates to English as “the Way (Do) of the Foot (Tae) and Fist (Kwon).” It has become both a fighting style and a competitive sport. The Way emphasizes head-height kicks, spinning kicks, sidekicks, and strikes.

Coming out of the 40s and 50s in Korea, Tae Kwon Do is more of an amalgamation of different traditions. It was during the Japanese occupation of Korea that many dojos had to practice underground. Several major styles that would eventually greatly influence Tae Kwon Do, like Taekkyon, Gwonbeop, and Subak, nearly went extinct. After the end of the occupation, people began teaching in the open again. A blend of people learning older Chinese and Korean traditions and the Okinawan Karate formed the techniques we call Tae Kwon Do.

Tae Kwon Do is not only a study and art of self-defense, but it is also a competitive sport. In fact, it is the national sport of both North and South Korea, and over 70 million people practice it worldwide. Ever since 2000, it has been a part of the Olympic games. The governing body of Olympic Tae Kwon Do is the World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF). The WTF’s headquarters is known as Kukkiwon. World Tae Kwon Do and the International Tae Kwon Do Federation each organize their own global tournaments too.

There is also a lot of philosophy attached to Tae Kwon Do. The five key tenets we practice at our Stonebridge TX Tae Kwon Do are loyalty, indomitable spirit, self-control, perseverance, and integrity. We do not only ask these traits of our students but believe that practicing Tae Kwon Do will instill them. Its principles ask that you never misuse the art, never outside the context of self-defense, and asks respect for seniors and instructors.

Our Kid and Teen Classes

We designed three different programs for kids of all ages. It dramatically benefits them to be an age-appropriate class, so they are not bored or condescended to. And this way, they learn the skills that are most appropriate for them at the time.


Our Tiger-Cubs are our students from four to five years old. There, we teach a curriculum that benefits early childhood development. We work on balance, coordination, and symmetrical movement.

Through repetition, they learn their forms and fine motor skills. Plus, we teach valuable lessons at this age, like respecting and following your teacher’s instructions and paying attention. Last but not least, our afternoon classes are the perfect use for excess energy.

Tiger-Rock’s students from six to eleven years old are in our Junior Classes. Elementary school students learn their kicks and strikes. We can bring up more serious topics like bullying, stranger awareness, and how to combat such issues.

By passing down responsible techniques and knowledge, we can better equip them to deal with unexpected and dangerous situations. Other than that, though, it makes for an excellent after-school exercise.

On the other hand, our teens from ages twelve to fifteen can take on greater autonomy. We do more intense workouts and teach more defensive and advanced techniques and forms in these classes. It makes for the perfect extracurricular. In these classes, our teens learn leadership skills, perseverance, and good citizenship. And Stonebridge TX Tae Kwon Do is as good an after-school sport to join like any other.

Taekwondo in McKinney Texas

Your kids will love training in the Tiger-Rock dojo!

Our Adult Classes

Tiger-Rock’s evening classes make a great alternative to going to the gym. We combine the traditional methods of the Korean martial art with the latest in physical fitness. It is an all-around body workout that will have your heart-pounding and calorie-burning.

It promises to keep you in peak health. The lessons are well-timed to do after work. Our classes will teach you how to use your whole body in tandem through striking, kicking, and agility drills.

The Many Benefits to Practicing Tae Kwon Do

Your Stonebridge TX TaeKwonDo classes make for a full-body workout. It builds all components of physical health: cardiovascular health, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and body composition. We stretch and work our range of motion during warmups, and our lessons include strength and conditioning and agility drills. Not to mention our striking and kicking that build balance, coordination, and power.

Competition and Cooperation

As we said before, Tae Kwon Do has been an Olympic sport since 2000, and World Tae Kwon Do and the ITF hold their own major tournaments. We, too, participate in competitions and hold three annual tournaments. Our regional, state, and national tournaments are in the fall, spring, and summer, respectively, in McKinney, TX Tae Kwon Do at Tiger-Rock.

Even with our classes themselves, the sport and martial art breed a competitive and cooperative spirit. For instance, our students have to switch off setting up drills with one another. They learn from one another. And they fight and practice alongside each other. They push each other to become better than they were the day before.



Bullying is an important topic that needs to be taken seriously. It can be a constant source of anxiety or trauma in somebody’s life.  Our anti-bullying education consists of teaching awareness, restraint, and self-defense.

Of course, Tae Kwon Do is non-violent, and it is meant for self-defense and self-restraint. So, avoidance is always the first step. For instance, by teaching how to use the correct tone, stance, and diction, we can show how to prevent an altercation altogether. But if they do find themselves in a dangerous situation anyway, they also have the tools to help them defend themselves.

Tae Kwon Do programs McKinney TX

Join our Stonebridge TX TaeKwonDo classes today!

Stonebridge TX TaeKwonDo

As you can see, there is a lot you can learn and get out of practicing Tae Kwon Do in McKinney, Texas. All our instructors are dedicated to giving a challenging, thorough, and fun experience teaching martial arts. If you can see the benefits that Tiger-Rock Martial Arts lessons instill, then you should contact us soon.

For our Stonebridge TX TaeKwonDo classes, call us at (214) 585-0555.

Stonebridge Texas Fun Facts

  • We include over 70 distinctive villages.
  • Stonebridge covers over 5,000 acres.
  • We are 35 miles northeast of Dallas.
  • If you’d like to learn more about Stonebridge, visit the city today!