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Trinity Falls TX TaeKwonDo

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts are offering our Trinity Falls TX TaeKwonDo to all prospective students in the McKinney area. Our Master Thibodeau and Master Vidal are 4th dan black belts and certified instructors and have been teaching the self-defense techniques at Tiger-Rock for over a decade now. And the rest of our instructors are excited to continue teaching as well.

The History of TaeKwonDo

Our martial arts at Tiger-Rock is primarily based in TaeKwonDo. It is a relatively new one, coming out of the late 40s and 50s in Korea. “TaeKwonDo” roughly translates to “the Way (Do) of the Foot (Tae) and the Fist (Kwon).” The Way differentiates itself from other fighting styles by emphasizing side kicks, spinning kicks, head-height kicks, and striking.Trinity Falls TX TaeKwonDo

It is more of a blend of other martial arts from the time. During the Japanese occupation of Korea during World War II, Korean martial art schools had to go underground. Some schools, ones that show a lot of influence in TaeKwonDo like Taekkyon, Subak, and Gwonbeop, almost went extinct. But after the occupation was over, dojos reopened, and people practicing old Korean and Chinese arts and Okinawan Karate mixed to form what we see as TaeKwonDo today.

Taekwondo is not only a study and the art of self-defense. It is now a competitive sport. In fact, 70 million people across the globe practice TaeKwonDo. And it is the national sport of North and South Korea. Since 2000, people have been able to compete in TaeKwonDo tournaments at the Olympics.

And the International TaeKwonDo Federation and the World TaeKwonDo Federation organize major tournaments. The WTF is the Olympic-level governing body, and Korea set up its capital and home of the World TaeKwonDo capital, Kukkiwon, in Seoul.

Our Kid and Teen Classes

We provide three separate programs for our students, designed specifically for their age. It is important to be in a class of their peers so they are engaged, challenged, and can keep up. We can also teach skills most pertinent to what they need to know now.


Our class with our youngest class consists of our four to six-year-old children. Here, we teach early childhood development tools like balance, coordination, and symmetric movements. Through the repetitive practice of our techniques, our Tiger-Cubs learn fine motor skills and their forms. We also pass down important values like respecting and listening to their teachers. And at our classes, they have a healthy avenue for their energy and play.


Elementary school students, our kids six to eleven years old, train in our Junior Classes. Here, they learn their strikes, kicks, and forms. It is a tremendous after-school workout. By bringing up more serious topics, we can teach anti-bullying techniques and stranger awareness. We leave our students better equipped to deal with any dangerous situation.

Trinity Falls TX TaeKwonDo

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Teens


Our teens from twelve to fifteen-years-old start taking on greater autonomy in their training. We get to teach more advanced techniques and forms. Plus, practicing with us teaches good citizenship and leadership skills. For this reason, Tiger Rock’s Trinity Falls TX TaeKwonDo classes make an excellent extracurricular activity. Together, with their peers, they work to get physically fit and progress up the ranks.

Our Adult Classes

In our adult classes, you receive a workout that combines today’s understanding of physical fitness and Korean TaeKwonDo. Our evening classes are perfect for after-work. It gets your heart-pounding and burns calories. TaeKwonDo’s style emphasizes speed and agility to get your whole body moving in tandem through its kicks and strikes.

The Many Benefits Behind TaeKwonDo

The most apparent advantage of practicing TaeKwonDo is how it car builds up your fitness. It takes care of all components: muscular strength, endurance, cardio health, flexibility, and body composition. We flex our range of motion in our stretches and warm-ups in each of our lessons. In our drills, our endurance and cardio get pushed. Meanwhile, our strength and conditioning exercises work on our muscles.

Your mind, too, sees these benefits. This type of exercise reduces stress and improves sleep. Both in and out of the dojo, you will find your mind sharpened and focus easier. And students of TaeKwonDo get used to the feeling of achievement and have increased self-confidence.

Cooperation and Competition

Trinity Falls TX TaeKwonDo

Like we said before, TaeKwonDo can be practiced as a competitive sport. We have sparring classes. And Tiger-Rock holds three tournaments a year: regional, state, and national in the fall, summer, and spring. Plus, in our classes, our students fuel their cooperative and competitive spirits. They spar with one another and set up each other’s drills. Each class, they push themselves to be better than the day before.


Of course, TaeKwonDo is still an art of self-defense. Often, we combine moves of other martial arts like grappling to give you techniques with real-world applications. We make our students as prepared as possible for a bullying situation. We are aware that it is a serious topic that can be a source of anxiety for the victim.

The first step we teach is avoidance. After all, TaeKwonDo is about self-discipline and self-defense, meaning self-restraint and non-violence. Avoiding an altercation at all costs is a priority. Our anti-bullying teaches things like stance, tone, and diction that conveys confidence and keeps a situation from escalating. But if it occurs, they have the tools they need to defend themselves.

Building Character

TaeKwonDo has a philosophy attached to it. The five key tenets of TeKwonDo are to have and show courtesy, integrity, perseverance, indomitable spirit, and self-control. Trinity Falls TX TaeKwonDo asks these of our student and believes that our lessons promote them. The old Hwarang ideals that the WTF promotes include trustworthiness, filial duty, loyalty, justice, and valor. They ask that we be champions of freedom and justice and help make a more peaceful world.

Trinity Falls TX TaeKwonDo

Trinity Falls TX TaeKwonDo

With all that said, it is quite apparent that TaeKwonDo can teach anyone a lot. And while it instills all these qualities in us, it is fun too. If you see how Tiger-Rock’s instruction can benefit your physical health and build character for you, then contact us today. For our Trinity Falls TX TaeKwonDo, call us at (214) 585-0555 or email us through david@trmamckinney.com.

Trinity Falls Texas Fun Facts

  • We are a master-planned community on the Trinity River.
  • Trinity Falls consists of 2,000 green acres.
  • We have a dog park, fancy neighborhood pools, and community clubs and parks that are residents use regularly.
  • For more on our community, visit https://www.trinityfalls.com.