Nottingham Karate Classes Near Me

Searching for “Nottingham karate classes near me” can be a tricky thing when there are so many choices around. However, Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy is not like all of the rest. Between our expert instructors, our fantastic atmosphere, and our unique programs, we are confident you will think so too.

Martial arts is a unique practice that brings its student’s many perks. Thus, to make this practice more available to a broader range of people, we offer programs designed for kids, teens, and adults. Our doors are open to whoever wants to learn amongst the best.

To further complement our excellent programs, we also encourage students who are interested in participating in competitions. Competitions are at a local, state, and national level. Our environment is packed full of positivity that allows our students to thrive, no matter what they choose.

Tiger Rock understands how busy our students’ lives can get. That is why we offer class-flexibility and training times that work with your schedule, as well as weekend classes.

Our professional trainers practice all-year-around to give you the best guidance possible. Give our academy a call. We know you will not be disappointed with what we can offer you.

Nottingham Karate Classes Near Me

Nottingham Karate Classes Near Me

Nottingham Karate Classes Near Me

The hardest part of starting any hobby, but mainly an exercise hobby, is taking that initial step to starting your journey. Our team can help you to overcome that. Once you are committed to this practice, you will see the benefits for yourself and understand what all of the buzz is about.

Our Kids Program

Many parents are fearful about putting their children in martial arts because they fear their child becoming violent. However, this is far from the truth. On the contrary, karate is a great way to teach discipline, structure, responsibility, and maturity.

As your child works their way toward a black belt, our instructors will be teaching them valuable lessons that they can apply to any part of their lives. Qualities such as leadership, trustworthiness, and accountability are just a few of the characteristics we instill in our students.

As far as the program itself, don’t worry. Your little one won’t be doing anything too heavy or extreme. Here, we teach them the basics, such as stance, posture, and poses.

The Teen Program

The teen program takes the lessons and exercises up a notch. Here, you will experience more advanced poses and stances. Striking, kicking, and other defense moves are introduced into the practice as well. These are all vital pieces to building a great workout that can serve you in the long run.

Our trainers use positive reinforcement to encourage students to push themselves harder each day. Much of the discipline you will learn, comes from listening to feedback from your instructor and learning to apply it constructively.

The Adult Program

In many cases, students from our kids and teen programs want to further their studies by eventually joining our adult classes. Our doors are open to teach no matter what age or gender, because we know the greatness that can come out of this practice.

The adult classes are where you will see even more advanced movements, exercises, and practices. Kicking and hitting drills are one of the critical components of martial arts. Such training is perfect for building up your upper and lower body strength and useful for developing motor skills and coordination.

Since these courses include real-world self-defense, you will also be able to deal with attacks. The skills you learn in self-defense are effectively punching, kicking, and blocking techniques. The more you practice these skills, the more relaxed and disciplined you feel.

Nottingham Karate Classes Near Me

Give your child a great new hobby with Taekwondo

The Art of Taekwondo

This style of martial arts shares the Korean and Chinese traditions as well as the Okinawan karate tradition. Even though it’s Korean, that doesn’t mean it’s only shared in Korea. It’s famous all over the world.

This style of martial arts was developed in the Second World War and has improved people’s lives for years following. This style of martial arts is present at all Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Academies. Just like jiu-jitsu, it helps you develop your self-discipline and focus.

Such academies also combine other calisthenic martial arts activities with taekwondo as taekwondo is very physical. They also incorporate strength and conditioning drills to build a full range of work for their students. Such changes will allow you to progress not only in class but also in your skills.

There are also several physical advantages of taekwondo. Such benefits include cardiovascular health, increased athletic ability, and better balance and coordination. A 2014 research found that taekwondo athletes had higher upper and lower body strength, greater flexibility, anaerobic power, and endurance than those who did not.

The Art of Self-Defense

There are two names to this type of training: Self-Defense and Elite Counter Aggression Preparation Training. During these lessons, we teach taekwondo components combined with evasive tactics, wrestling, punching, and kicking.

Our drills are perfect for making you healthy physically, which is a bonus when it comes to defending against an attacker. When you are fit, you will have a better chance of overcoming the attacker than those who are not.

You will also have a supportive and healthy experience when you’re at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. Our dojo fosters an environment that is safe and professional. We teach self-defense to everyone who wants to know. Tiger Rock has students who go anywhere from elementary age to retirement age.

Nottingham Karate Classes Near Me

Our teen programs are accessible and highly beneficial.

Contact the Best Karate Academy Today

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is the best thing when it comes to martial arts. Please contact them at (281) 829-9300, or you can read more about their academy by checking out their about tab. If you are already a member, you can check your details and classes on their member page.

Start making healthy choices right now by choosing Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. They’re going to help you achieve your goals and find confidence within yourself. See the advantages of martial arts in your own life by making them your Nottingham karate classes near me.

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