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Allen TX Taekwondo Near Me

If you are searching Allen TX taekwondo near me, then contact Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. Our dojo offers a variety of programs for children, teens, and adults. Each program has its own key focal points. In addition, the programs feature different strikes, kicks, and exercises. Our instructors will work closely with you or your child in order to master the task at hand.

The instructors at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts are professional, experienced, and certified in Taekwondo. If you are having a difficult time perfecting a strike or kick, then they will work with you personally. Some of our instructors even compete in seasonal competitions, which keeps their minds fresh.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts offers a variety of martial arts training. One of our most popular is Taekwondo, which is beneficial in a number of ways. Taekwondo is also very unique compared to Karate or Jiu-Jitsu. If you are interested in martial arts classes, then consider Tiger-Rock Martial Arts.

Allen TX Taekwondo Near Me

Allen TX Taekwondo Near Me

Taekwondo has a rich history that dates back thousands of years. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is committed to offering high-quality Taekwondo training.

We want to uphold the values and objectives of this martial art as much as possible. When you enroll in a program, then you will see our dedicated instructors are to the art and you.

Taekwondo’s History

Taekwondo is a culmination of three Korean words: Tae, Kwon, and Do. Individually, these words stand for foot, fist, and way, respectively.

This word was not created until 1955 when a group of instructors and historians gathered to name the martial art. Even though the name is relatively new, the art dates back to the 6th century.

At the time, the Korean peninsula was divided into three kingdoms: Silla, Koguryo, and Paekje. For some time, Silla, the smallest and weakest of the three kingdoms, had been losing land to the other kingdoms. The 24th king of Silla decided to form a group of soldiers known as the HwaRang.

The HwaRange were trained in all kinds of weapons. More importantly, they were trained in unarmed combat. The combat they learned was primarily focused on foot techniques, with some hand combat. Taekwondo is heavily focused on strikes, with hands acting as backup.

The king of Silla believed his new warriors need the mentality to be successful in battle rather than just physical skill. So, he turned to a man who was a scholar and monk. The man established a list of ethics for the warriors. These ethics would guide them in their personal lives and on the battlefield.

After learning the combat and ethics, Silla’s warriors went to work. The smallest and weakest kingdom slowly regained the land it had lost. Eventually, Silla took over the other two kingdoms and united them under one. Since then, Taekwondo has housed the same type of combat and core ethics.

Our Programs

Allen TX Taekwondo Near Me

Children, teens, and adults can enroll in our martial art programs.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has four programs for students. We have Tiger-Cubs, Juniors, Teens, and Adults. These programs have their own key focal points, feature different difficulties, and educated students on various topics.

If you are interested in one of our programs, then contact our team. We have flexible scheduling, so students can easily meet our sessions.

Tiger-Cubs Program

The Tiger-Cubs program is for ages 4 and 5. Students within this program will perform exercises that will enhance cognitive and physical development. Students will learn repetitive and symmetrical movements, which improve dexterity and coordination. Within this program, students will also learn anti-bullying tactics too.

Juniors Program

For ages 6 to 11, the Juniors program focuses on similar objectives as the Tiger-Cubs program. However, further focus on kicks, strikes, and greater skills is improved. This program features stranger awareness, which subsequently leads to greater focus, concentration, and perception.

Teens Program

The Teens program is for students between the ages of 12 and 15. Teens within this program will learn vital skills and improve upon their developing bodies.

The development of a child between these years is crucial. Your child’s identity is becoming solidified, and the skills they absorb will reflect that. Our instructors will help your teen learn anti-bullying tactics, leadership skills, self-defense tactics, and how to act as a good citizen.

Adult Program

Finally, the last program we offer is the Adult program. Our Adult program mixes Taekwondo with modern physical fitness exercises. Instructors will put you to the test during classes.

You can gather more focus, improve your physical fitness and flexibility, and reduce stress. These benefits are what drive our adult program. At the same time, you can learn various self-defense techniques.

Benefits of Taekwondo

Taekwondo has a vast number of benefits students can benefit from. Many martial arts are able to provide the same kind of benefits, but it varies. These benefits will help you live a longer and happier life. Here are a few benefits you can expect from your taekwondo program.

Allen TX Taekwondo Near Me

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts can help you obtain the black belt of your dreams.

Improved Focus

Focus is important when it comes to school and work. Taekwondo will require you to focus on your movement and the instructor. The more you can focus, the better your daily life will be.

Improved Physical Fitness

Your flexibility, muscle tone, and cardiovascular health will improve with Taekwondo classes. Each of our classes features various strikes, kicks, and exercises for students to improve their physical fitness.

Reduced Stress

Everyday life is full of stressors, which is why you need a way of reducing the build-up of stress. When you enroll in a Taekwondo program, you will kick, strike, and spar with others. These actions reduce your stress and greatly improve your overall life.

Allen TX Taekwondo Near Me

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts wants to help you improve your physical and mental well-being. Our instructors will help you develop physically and mentally in a number of ways. Contact our McKinney dojo today by calling (214) 585-0555.

Taekwondo offers a number of benefits for students. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts helps students engage with each other and have fun. Above all, we want our students to learn something and have a fun experience. So, stop searching Allen TX taekwondo near me and call us!

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