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Allen TX Taekwondo

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is providing Allen TX Taekwondo lessons to prospective students in the area. Our Masters Thibodaux and Master Vidal are 4th dan black belts and certified instructors. We have been passing down our knowledge in the McKinney area for over a decade area. Our instructors are excited to continue teaching.

The History of Taekwondo

The martial art style we employ at Tiger-Rock is mostly based on Taekwondo. Taekwondo has its origins in post-War Korea. The word itself roughly translates from Korean to “the Way (Do) of the Foot (Tae) and the Fist (Kwon).” The Way distinguishes itself from other martial arts by emphasizing head-height kicks, sidekicks, spinning kicks, and strikes.

Taekwondo is really more of an amalgamation of other martial arts in Korea during the 40s and 50s. While Japan occupied Korea during World War II, martial art schools had to go underground.

In fact, styles that would eventually become Taekwondo’s most significant influences, like Taekkyon, Gwonbeop, and Subak, nearly disappeared. After the occupation ended, dojos could practice in the open again. Old Chinese and Korean traditions and Okinawan Karate blended where we see the techniques now called TaeKwonDo.

However, it is not just the art of self-defense. It is also a competitive sport. As a matter of fact, it is the national sport of Korea and has been an Olympic sport since 2000.

The World Taekwondo Federation is the governing body, and Kukkiwon is its headquarters. But both World Taekwondo and the International Taekwondo Federation hold their own significant tournaments. Over 70 million people worldwide practice Taekwondo.

Philosophy Behind Taekwondo

A set of philosophy is also attached to Taekwondo. Taekwondo’s five key tenets are courtesy, integrity, indomitable spirit, perseverance, and self-control. Tiger Rock’s Allen TX Taekwondo asks our students to practice these.

Furthermore, we believe that by learning Taekwondo, you acquire these traits yourself. In addition, the WTF adds the old Hwarang ideals to their philosophy: trustworthiness, filial duty, loyalty, valor, and justice.

Taekwondo values require that its practice is never misused out of its context of self-defense. Plus, it asks that we respect our seniors and instructors. In its history, its adherents were meant to be champions of freedom and justice and build a peaceful world.

Our Kids and Teens Classes

We designed several different classes for each age group. A student needs to be learning at an age-appropriate level. This way, they are not bored, are challenged, and learn the skills most pertinent to them at the time.

Tiger Cubs

Our youngest group, kids from ages four to six, are our Tiger-Cubs. Here, we teach skills perfect for early childhood development: coordination, balance, and symmetrical movements.

Through repetition, our Tiger-Cubs get down their fine motor skills and learn their forms. We teach valuable lessons like respecting and following your teacher’s instructions and paying attention. Also, our classes are active, and they are a healthy way to spend all that extra energy.


Juniors are our students from six to eleven years old. Here, elementary school students begin learning striking and kicking. Our Junior classes are an excellent after-school workout.

We can also introduce more serious topics like anti-bullying and stranger danger. We give them the tools to equip them better to deal with dangerous situations.


With our twelve to fifteen-year-old students, we can teach more advanced techniques and forms. They can take on a higher level of autonomy as well.

Tiger-Rock’s Allen TX Taekwondo works as the ideal extracurricular activity. It teaches leadership skills and good citizenship. It is as good as joining any after-school sport. We work together among our peers and get physically fit.

Our Adult Classes

We have combined the traditional Korean art of Taekwondo with today’s advancements in physical fitness. Our instructors give a full-body and all-around good workout.

Taekwondo style, in particular, emphasizes using your whole body in tandem in its kicks, strikes, and agility drills. Its prioritizing agility and speed over stability is one of its defining qualities. And it is what makes it the perfect after-work, heart-pounding, and calorie-burning workout.

The Many Benefits of Taekwondo

The most apparent benefit of practicing Taekwondo is how much of a workout it is. It helps build all physical fitness levels: body composition, flexibility, endurance, muscular strength, and cardiovascular health.

We work our range of motion and increase our flexibility with our stretches and warm-ups each lesson. Our strength and conditioning routines provide the strength, and our agility, striking, and kicking drills work our cardio and endurance.

All this contributes to your mind, too, though. Practicing Taekwondo and working out reduces stress and improves your sleep.

You will see an increase in your ability to focus both inside and outside the dojo. You will see yourself gain self-confidence as you practice and get used to the feeling of achievement from grueling sweat.


For our Allen TX Taekwondo classes, the self-defense aspect of TKD is an important one. We often teach techniques that combine other martial art styles that can make them more applicable in real-world situations.

We want to leave our students as prepared as possible because bullying is an important topic. It is a difficult situation that can become a constant source of anxiety for a victim.

Our first step is always avoidance. Taekwondo’s first principles are self-defense and self-discipline, and therefore self-restraint and non-violence.

In our anti-bullying education, we teach awareness, communication, and self-defense. We show things like stance, tone, and diction that can avoid the escalation of a situation. Meanwhile, our student leaves with the tools to defend themselves in a dangerous position too.

Competition and Cooperation

Tiger-Rock holds three annual tournaments as part of WTF. We hold our regional, state, and national tournaments in the fall, summer, and spring, respectively.

Plus, our students have their competitive and cooperative spirits fueled for them in the dojo. They are continually setting up each other’s drills for one another and working alongside one another. By working together, they motivate each other to become better than they were the day before.

Allen TX Taekwondo

As you can tell, practicing Taekwondo teaches you and gets you a lot. And our instructors are dedicated to instilling all those qualities through a thorough, challenging, and fun experience.

If you see how Tiger-Rock Martial Arts classes can benefit your overall health can character, then contact us today. For our Allen TX Taekwondo, call us at (214) 585-0555 or email us through david@trmamckinney.com.

Allen Texas Fun Facts

  • We are a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, approximately twenty miles north of downtown Dallas.
  • Allen was previously home to the Caddo and Comanche peoples.
  • The Houston and Central Texas Railroad established the town.
  • We were named after Ebenezer Allen, a state politician, and railroad promoter.
  • For more about Allen, TX, visit the city’s website!