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Have you been in search of Collin County Martial Arts? Look no further than Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. Here at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we offer Taekwondo classes for all ages starting at 4 years old. We have dedicated instructors that will help you reach your full potential.

Collin County Martial Arts

What to Expect?

At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we offer a first-class facility that is guaranteed to help you achieve your physical fitness goal. Our determined coaches center their day around your satisfaction. Furthermore, we currently have thousands of dedicated students across the state, and we continue to add more daily. Will you be next?

Training Features and Benefits

Taekwondo is a complex practice that features a series of striking techniques that consist of head-height kicks, jumping kicks, spinning kicks, and striking techniques. Our dedicated Tiger-Rock Martial Arts staff has designed a training program that included striking drills, kicking drills, and speed targets. Furthermore, these drills are guaranteed to improve coordination and flexibility.

First, we combine our Taekwondo drills with other martial arts calisthenics exercises to generate a complete workout. Above all, our strength and conditioning program will boost your ability as you advance in your practice.

Most importantly, Taekwondo offers impressive benefits, including increased athletic ability, improved flexibility, anaerobic power, upper and lower body strength, and improved balance and coordination.

However, this martial art is much more than kicking and striking. Taekwondo is built around honor, humility, respect, and loyalty. Furthermore, at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we embody Taekwondo’s core values and emphasize self-discipline and good character.

Lastly, Taekwondo is an ageless practice that is beneficial to all age groups. Taekwondo improves coordination, balance, bone strength, and muscular gains. Furthermore, Taekwondo teaches children how to be self-disciplined, focused, and respectful of their peers and authority.

The Tiger-Rock Martial Arts training experience

Our sole mission is to help you reach your full potential; here is how we will do it.

  • Improve flexibility
  • Enhance cardiovascular health
  • Master self-defense
  • Improve overall physical health
  • Improve discipline
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Improve your focus
  • Build confidence

Introducing Taekwondo

In order to master Taekwondo, you need to understand where it originated. Taekwondo is a very sophisticated practice founded by General Choi Hong Hi. By choosing martial arts, you are embarking on a fantastic journey filled with lessons on the mat and within your personal life.

Furthermore, Gen. Choi developed this practice in the 1940s. Taekwondo is a combination of Korean form Taek Kyon and Japanese karate. Uniquely Gen. Choi created Taekwondo as a method of self-defense that engages the mind and body. Taekwondo is one of the world’s most popular forms of martial arts, here at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts; it is our mission that we teach this amazing art to the best of our ability.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Teens


Tiger-Rock Martial Arts offers four programs. Our youngest group is our Tiger Cubs then Juniors, Teens, and Adult training.

Tiger-Cubs may be small, but they are mighty warriors. This program primarily focuses on introducing our little ones to symmetrical movements and create a foundation to build on.

As a result, our children are guaranteed to see improvements in balance, flexibility, and coordination. More importantly, our instructors provide our Tiger-Cubs with an exciting and fun 30 minutes of their day.

Juniors (Ages 6-10)

First, our Junior program focuses on building confidence, self-control, and leadership skills. Furthermore, our coaches create a positive environment and teach our juniors how to be confident in themselves and their abilities.

Drills and activities consist of speed and agility drills, basic martial arts, striking, kicking, and sparring. Junior students will also be introduced to real-world self-defense and participate in anti-bullying education. Our Junior classes typically last 40 to 45 minutes.

Teens (Ages 11-15)

Furthermore, here at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we are aware that our teens are in a significant phase of their young lives. In fact, we have designed our curriculum to build strong character and leadership skills. We encourage our teens to set an excellent example for our younger programs.

Our coaches have created a rewarding environment that allows teens to learn the benefits of functional fitness training. Teen classes consist of speed and agility drills, kicking drills, striking drills, and sparring drills. These fast-paced martial arts lessons last 40 to 45 minutes of high-intensity training.

Adult Martial Arts Training (Ages 16+)

In addition, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts also offers an Adult Martial Arts Program. Our adult programs combine the latest in physical fitness with traditional Korean Taekwondo.

Collin County Martial Arts classes, feature striking drills, kicking, blocking, and core strengthening exercises. Our adult classes consist of a combination of signature workouts resulting in the ultimate martial arts experience.

Focus Areas of Training

Our committed coaches do an excellent job creating workout plans that get results. Collin County Martial Arts emphasizes kicking, striking, self-defense, discipline, and confidence.

We also utilize striking and kicking drills to build your upper and lower body strength. Furthermore, these active movements will naturally improve your coordination, stamina, and motor skills. Most importantly, these active drills will give you a solid foundation in your practice.

Speed & Agility

Furthermore, in Taekwondo, speed and agility go hand and hand. Speed is the ability to move your body in one direction as fast as possible. While agility is the ability to change directions, accelerate, stabilize, and decelerate quickly.

As you advance in your practice, you will naturally develop quickness. Quickness is the body’s ability to react and change body position with a maximum rate of force produced. Richmond Texas taekwondo is here to help you achieve your physical goals.

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Learning martial arts has never been better. Contact Tiger-Rock Martial Arts today to learn more.

Self-defense & Counter Aggression

In an uncertain world, you should be confident in your ability to handle conflicts. More importantly, you should equip yourself with the proper skills necessary to defend yourself.

In addition, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts provides real-world self-defense training. Furthermore, you will receive coaching on how to deescalate a potential threat and what to do if the altercation becomes physical.

In conclusion, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts gives children and adults an excellent opportunity to learn and master martial arts. Give us a call at (214) 585-0555.

More importantly, our clients are taught by professional instructors who strive to help you achieve your full potential. As a result, you will become more focused, physically fit, and confident. Furthermore, Collin County Martial Arts is a fantastic opportunity for you to get active and channel your inner warrior.

McKinney, TX Fun Facts:

  • Our namesake is Collin McKinney, one of the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence.
  • We are located thirty miles north of downtown Dallas.
  • In 2014, Money Magazine ranked us as the #1 Best Place to live in America.
  • For more on McKinney click here.