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Don’t allow your child to be bullied

Bullying prevention, anti-bullying education, and martial arts

Bullying can happen to any child, anywhere, at any time, even in a community like Sugar Land. For many kids, bullying is a traumatic, harrowing experience that can cause issues such as anxiety, depression, loss of self-confidence, or poor self-esteem and self-image. Bullying can lead to additional issues, such as destructive behavior, withdrawing from friends and loved ones, or a desire to self-harm.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Sugar Land takes bullying very seriously. We firmly believe that a child should be equipped with the confidence and the ability to stand up and overcome bullying. That’s why instructors at our academy take a structured, pro-active, and measured approach to anti-bullying education.

By no means we condone violence. In fact, we stress that a physical altercation should be avoid at all times. Moreover, we do not encourage students to engage in score-settling or revenge. There are many anti-bullying tactics that we teach at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts that are not physical. This includes:

  • Stances to convey confidence through body language
  • Using tone and diction to de-escalate a confrontation with a bully.

However, if it does escalate to a physical altercation, we will make sure that your child will be prepared by teaching them key defensive maneuvers.

At Tiger-Rock, we typically divide our anti-bullying education into three areas: awareness, communication, and self-defense.


Awareness is the best form of bullying prevention. With awareness, we teach the prevalence of bullying as well as what to do when being bullied. Some of the tips we provide include:

  • Walk in groups; avoid being alone in areas that leave them vulnerable.
  • Walk away, ignore, and do not try to exact revenge against bullies.
  • Do not keep the bullying a secret. Tell an adult.

We also strive to promote good citizenship and leadership. Our instructors teach students that they are not to participate in bullying, speak up, and report the bully.


It is important that bullying victims communicate with family and friends about being bullied. Bullying should not be kept a secret – whether it is a classmate doing it at school, another child in the neighborhood or someone cyberbullying.

Communication is an effective anti-bullying tactic. It’s not just verbal: body language is also critical. Students learn how to use stance, diction, and tone to display confidence.


There will be a time where your child will have to react accordingly if a bully decides to escalate the situation into a physical altercation. That’s why at Tiger-Rock, we teach real world, street smart self-defense to help your child protect themselves in this event.

By practicing and honing self-defense skills on the mat, your child will be able to apply those skills instinctively in a real-world situation. These skills provide another layer of safety for your child. Learning these skills also helps your child build self-confidence, boost self-esteem, and encourage positive self-assessment.

Is bullying a concern for your child? Martial arts can help

At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts in Sugar Land we believe that martial arts can be a valuable part of a child’s life while growing up. There are many lessons that we teach on the mat that they can apply off of it. A major aspect of martial arts is helping kids develop social skills, communication skills, and leadership skills. Strengthening a child’s abilities in these areas is an effective defense against bullying.

We’re also aware that sometimes, situations may escalate to where a child may have to physically defend themselves against a bully. While we stress that this should be a last resort, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Sugar Land will work to ensure your child has the knowledge and skills necessary to protect themselves from bullies.

Learn more about anti-bullying and bullying prevention methods at StopBullying.gov.

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